Since 1998 Sales Focus Inc. has worked across many industries including IT, Healthcare, Energy, Financial, Travel & hospitality, Advertising, Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Telecommunications just to name a few.

Our proven methodology, S.O.L.D.™ allows Sales Focus Inc. to build dedicated sales outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions across the United States and across the Globe. Our formula to success reaches across every industry and gives you the flexibility to expand and contract based on market demands. Our solutions will reduce your cost of sales while providing butts-in-seats or feet-on-the-street sales teams focused on B2C or B2B sales in 45 days or less.

Sales Focus Inc. has built successful outsourced sales teams for some of the world’s largest companies, such as General Electric, British Petroleum, AT&T, PPG, NRG, and many other Fortune 500 organizations. Our flexibility and proven process works for not only for the world’s largest organizations but it works for small organizations alike.


Clients – We have built sales teams for Fortune 500 companies and small business across the US in every industry.