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Sales Focus Inc. Inside Sales Solution is not a typical Call Center or Telemarketing solution.

The Sales Focus Inc. Inside Sales facility is a Sales Center, staffed with dedicated inside sales professionals and managed by a staff with 30 years of experience. Our sales and marketing experts leverage our proven methodology S.O.L.D.™ into a solution that will jump start your revenue through our full service sales solutions, ranging from generating qualified leads to a full sales life cycle including client acquisition and account management.

Our Inside Sales program will give your company the revenue stream today and get you in a position to grow your business for tomorrow. Our Inside Sales professionals will generate the opportunities, perform presentations and conduct follow up until the client is secured.

The Sales Focus Management team will perform the following services for each client:

  • Design a sales plan aligned with corporate goals.
  • Develop a clear sales message
  • Define your Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
  • Develop internal sales processes
  • Develop lead generation initiatives
  • Develop sales tracking and management tools
  • Develop scripting, rebuttals and value propositions.
  • Perform Daily Performance Analysis
  • Provide Weekly Detailed Reports

All performed by dedicated sales professionals exclusively representing your brand, and managed daily by executives in our US based Sales Center!