Inside vs Outside Sales: Which Works Best For Your Business?

Sales Outsourcing - 05th Jun 2017
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Consider each department of a business as a limb on the corporate body. Each is important to the life of the company. Sales, in particular, is critical to the business’ success.

A product may be the greatest of its time. It may be innovative, sleek, and wonderful. But if your business is unable to sell the product its significance is reduced to failure. Therefore, it’s key not only to determine where your sales department stands but also to determine what kind of sales work best with the vision of your company.

Inside sales
Inside sale services are defined as the selling of products over the phone and the Internet. Inside sales are typically a favorite among small businesses because they reduce the cost of sales anywhere between 40 and 90% compared to outside field sales.

While all businesses need to be careful where they invest their money, small businesses are particularly vulnerable economically because their audience is in a localized area. Therefore, inside sale solutions may be a better choice in terms of marketing for smaller businesses because it allows them to expand their business outside of their area and gain traffic without needing to procure additional travel expenses.

Additionally, inside sales and inside sales consulting may be an automatic business venture if you’re an online marketing firm. Those utilizing graphic design and email advertisements for their marketing are online already. Therefore, using inside sales to sell your business’ product may seem like a natural choice.

Outside sales
However, the use of outside sales companies isn’t to be written off. While it is cheaper to use the phone and the Internet to reach potential clients and consumers, outside sales can provide your business with two crucial things: demographics and humanization.

Systems and surveys can be used to find the typical demographics of a business’ audience. However, a salesperson of an outside sales company can actually see their audience and therefore are able to adapt themselves accordingly.

Online consumers have adapted to online marketing and are swift to click away from advertisements that get in the way of their entertainment and knowledge. To them, your business is just another piece of spam unless it properly catches their attention. But not only must your sales catch their attention, it must also invoke an emotional reaction. Only then will a conversation be started between your business and the consumer.

With outside sales, your business has the face of your salesperson. The consumer doesn’t see your company as spam any longer, they see your company as human and real. Your potential consumer is, therefore, less likely to ignore your sales and more likely to listen and engage in conversation regarding the product.

Your business’ style
In the end, no contract sales force is better than the other. It all comes down to the style of your business and your sales representatives. Some salespeople perform better when they can see their audience and are more persuasive with body language and eye-contact. Meanwhile, other salespeople on your team may be more adapted to persuading customers verbally via the phone or through text.

To choose the best contract sales force for your company, consider how you would like your business to appear to consumers and which contract sales force will benefit your company economically.

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