B2B Outsourcing: What is Outsourcing Inside Sales?

Inside Sales, Sales Outsourcing - 24th May 2022

What is Inside Sales? 

As your business grows, you will have to expand your operations team to maintain strong revenue growth. Building an inside sales team is going to be expensive. But when you turn to a team made of sales experts that have all the tools you need, you could be saving tons of money!

Over a third of companies in the US are already outsourcing inside sales. It is a great way to fuel your business’s growth. If you are considering scaling up your sales operations but are not ready to build an inside sales team, outsourcing could be right for you! Continue reading to find out how Sales Focus Inc. can help your business today.

6 Solutions When Outsourcing Your Inside Sales Team

1. Speed to Market

Getting your product to market faster than your competition is essential in a rapidly changing marketplace. This is where speed to market can lead to success or failure. Whether your sales team is big or small, there is a consistent challenge. Speed to market matters. If you as a business owner want to start to close deals in weeks rather than months, without making a huge investment in your sales infrastructure, you should consider outsourcing part or all of your inside sales.

2. Increase Market Share & Revenue

Are you having to navigate the complicated landscape of ever-changing consumer habits and industry standards? This task can be daunting. What may have been an effective strategy ten, five, or even a year ago could today be rendered completely ineffective by the latest technological wave or change in cultural norms. Effective selling tactics designed to increase one’s market share & revenue are no different. With over 20 years in the industry, SFI has the knowledge, experience, and early access to information that cannot be topped.

3. Enter International Markets

Has your business dominated the local market and now you are looking to expand? Do you need help entering into a geographic region you currently don’t have a footprint in? Or maybe you are unfamiliar with the regulatory requirements specific to the location in which you are looking to launch a new sales campaign? Regardless, there are many reasons to expand your brand internationally as there are also logistical challenges associated with crossing borders.

4. Supplemental Support

Do you have a great sales team but do not want to divert their attention to a new product or service? Or is this great sales team dominating a certain region but having a hard time creating a footprint in another? Many people are surprised to learn that some of the largest fortune 500 or brand name companies are in part represented by an outsourced third-party sales team. Sales Focus’s ability to quickly launch and scale a sales team specific to our clients’ needs makes for an attractive alternative to the traditional in-house model that requires additional time and overhead to manage. This way you can keep your rockstars of a sales team in the house without having to train and delegate another set of sales representatives by outsourcing.

5. Reduce Sales Overhead

Running an effective sales team can be very expensive. All of the overhead costs will add up. These include training, onboarding, materials, and salary. Turning to an intelligent sales outsourcing company will help you with this.

Sales Focus’ all-inclusive pricing has you covered. We provide all of the above in one affordable and bundled rate that will cut your costs without sacrificing sales results. Our outsourced sales solution provides:

  • Experienced Managerial Oversight
  • A seat at our Sales Center
  • Taxes / Benefits for the Sales Agents
  • Operational and HR administrative support
  • Recruiting and re-staffing

6. Small Business Solutions

Selecting the right sales outsourcing partner is a huge decision for any organization regardless of size. We often hear from our clients that during their selection process that they were turned away by other agencies who mandated a minimum number of agents or offered prohibitively long contract terms. In many cases this simply put both the cost and the risk out of reach. Sales Focus, however, takes a different approach. At Sales Focus we do not believe in either minimum or maximum staffing levels as a criterion for engaging with our clients.

Whether starting with 1 sales agent or 100, we believe that this decision is yours and yours alone. The only thing that matters is that the staffing level makes sense for your business and budget. The same applies for our minimal terms. We believe that it is our responsibility to prove our value to you and that with both performance and results we will together grow your business for years to come.

Outsourcing B2B inside sales allows you to be flexible in your outbound strategy. There are many expenses involved in bringing in your own sales team. If you find yourself constantly looking for new hires or keeping employees, outsourcing just might be the right solution for you. If you are interested in outsourcing your B2B Inside Sales team, contact an experienced sales manager for more information.

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