Since 1998, Sales Focus has launched based sales teams that are dedicated, process driven, full time sales hunters focused on generating new revenue for our clients. With our Sales Co-Sourcing Model, we focus on managing your sales teams. We use our proven methodology S.O.L.D.™ to develop a complete selling strategy, assist you in hiring the sales team, train the team then manage them on a daily basis. We become your sales manager. Our experienced Program Managers will implement the SFI model into your company and become an extension of your management team. Many organizations do not have the sales management expertise; we bring this expertise to your team. It is not just a training program; we take over the daily management of the team.

Our Sales Co-Sourcing solution integrates our S.O.L.D. TM  methodology into your dedicated sales team to drive immediate revenue, no matter where they are located across the US or Globally. We manage both inside sales, “butts in seats” and outside sales, “feet on the street” teams. Within 30 days a senior Program Manager will be deployed to manage a team of sales hunters targeting new revenue.

Over the past two decades Sales Focus has launched and managed thousands of companies in every industry. Our goal and focus is to grow your business and provide you the necessary management to achieve your financial expectations.


Our experienced Program Managers will assess your current sales strategy, devise an appropriate sales and marketing plan that aligns with your corporate goals, develop a process driven sales organization, assist you in recruiting and deploying the team, then manage it to meet your corporate goals. This innovative solution includes the following comprehensive outline:

  • Strategic Sales Plan Development
  • Organizational Planning & Development
  • Recruiting and Staffing
  • Implementation and Deployment of Sales Team
  • Sales Management and Training
  • Outsourced Advertising Sales

Sales Focus can implement and manage a dedicated sales team that is focused and driven to achieve success, no matter where you are located.


  • Immediate Revenue Generation
  • A Well Trained Sales Team
  • KPI’s and Performance Metrics
  • A Process Driven Sales Team
  • Quality Sales Professionals Focused on your Success
  • Improved Performance
  • Sales Intelligence for Improved Performance
  • Constant Communication with your Management Team