Effective Sales Recruiting Strategies

August 10, 2023
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You need more than bodies to fill your sales positions to increase sales performance. You need the right people. Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) offers recruiting services to help you identify, screen, and onboard sales professionals with the skills, motivation, attitude, and work ethic to ensure lasting achievement.

Our Recruiting Objective

SFI’s recruiting team has one primary objective—to help you build a sales team to solve your current business challenges and drive sustainable sales. We scout for the talent and character that aligns with your corporate culture and goals.

Our Recruiting Process

To achieve our objective, we take a patient, knowledgeable and diligent approach to filling your sales positions. Before we even begin to look for candidates, we consult with you to:

  • Understand your organizational goals
  • Define clear sales initiatives
  • Write a job description that attracts qualified candidates
  • Develop a sales agent profile that fits your goals and corporate culture
  • Develop compensation plans to attract and retain the right candidates

Once we know the type of talent we are looking for, our recruiting team utilizes traditional avenues and the latest recruiting technology to share our opportunities. We follow a carefully crafted and refined recruiting process to hire the very best qualified sales professionals for you. Our process entails:

  • Multiple phone and Skype screens of pre-qualified candidates
  • In-person interview with our recruiting team
  • Interview with our partners, sales managers, and (if desired) members of your management team

The recruitment process is completed when you and our team jointly decide who to hire, and the new employee moves right into your initial training process or a sales course developed by SFI for you.

Your sales plan’s success hinges on your sales team’s performance. You need the right individuals working for your sales team to deliver top performance. Finding quality people who fit your organization is a tall order.

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) has made a science of finding the right sales agents for every organization we work with. We provide the recruiting solutions you need to target, acquire and deploy top talent that will deliver the sales performance you need to thrive.

What We Look For When Recruiting Your Sales Team

SFI carefully evaluates your needs so that our recruiting efforts deliver:

  • Adequate candidates to build the size of the sales team you need
  • Qualified candidates that offer the right background, experience, and versatility
  • Motivated sales professionals who will take your business to the next level

We are confident in finding the right talent for your company. We guarantee your satisfaction.


Our recruiting process starts with identifying the professional and personal qualifications that comprise the ideal sales agent for your business.


Once we have created the profile of your ideal sales representative, we know where to look and how to attract them. We take care of creating job descriptions and high-visibility posts that get the attention of quality candidates.


SFI does all the work entailed in hiring each member of your sales team. And our process is rigorous:

  • Multiple interviews
  • Background check
  • Drug testing

Our recruiters know what questions to ask and what responses we want to hear to ensure that the candidate will fit your organization in real life, not just on paper.


When your sales team has been chosen, SFI gets them sales-ready with a customized training program developed exclusively for your organization.

SFI provides recruiting solutions that will position your organization for increased sales performance in less than two months. Contact SFI today to get started.

Recruiting Solutions For Every Size Business and Budget

SFI offers recruiting solutions that fit every budget as we offer several options for small companies and large national rollouts, solutions to hire one salesperson, a senior executive, or a national sales team—whatever your business needs for increased sales performance.

Contact us for the expertise you need to attract and retain top sales talent for your organization.