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What drives your sales people to succeed?  What drives individuals will influence the proper form of motivation.  In today’s job market, it’s not just money that matters. Companies need to develop new forms of motivation and reward to attract and retain quality employees.

Employers can be creative to attract the best sales talent and keep them motivated to perform at their peak level which will accelerate the entire companies performance.  Peak performance by individuals will lead to enhanced group performance and increased productivity.


  • Competent Leadership
  • Good Wages
  • Job Security
  • A Sense of Belonging
  • Recognition for Good Work
  • Interesting and Challenging Work
  • Respect as an Individual
  • Open Communication with Management
  • Good Working Conditions
  • Opportunity for Advancement



Companies should move away from simple and traditional time and grade salary adjustment programs to programs focused on pay for performance and incentive based.

  • Salary adjustments should be based on additional skills acquired.
  • Vary the amount of salary adjustments based achieving established goals.
  • Provide promotion opportunities for outstanding performance.



  • Company Paid Professional Memberships
  • Develop Employee Teams to Resolve Issues and Problems
  • Company Paid Professional Certification Sponsorships
  • Free or Reduce Rate Parking
  • Company Sponsored Community Service Activities
  • Holiday Parities
  • Company Sponsored Training
  • Lunch with Senior Management
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Team Building Activities
  • Employee Diners
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee of the Month Programs
  • Scheduled Employee Meetings
  • Spot Recognition
  • Casual Dress Days
  • Wellness Programs



  • Send Flowers, Notes or Cards for a job well done.
  • Public Praise – thank an employee of the month in front of others, at a meeting and display on bulletin boards
  • Have an employee share his/her work accomplishments at meetings
  • Take an employee out to lunch or breakfast for one-on-one communications
  • Give time Off – Let an employee leave an hour early, come in late or take extra lunch time
  • Provide breakfast one morning as a special treat.
  • Give a gift – special coffee, coffee mug, basket of fruit, etc.
  • Lunch – have pizza or Chinese delivered to the office
  • Send an employee to an educational seminar or trade show off site.  Have the employee present a recap at a staff meeting.
  • Celebrate Holidays – national ones and ones you make up.
  • Conduct quarterly reviews. Share and receive feedback on areas to improve and congratulate accomplishments.  Meetings can serve as “pep rallies”
  • Gift certificates
  • Display a bulletin board of Accomplishments – Display goals and chart progress
  • Sport tickets or theater tickets
  • Employee of the Month, Quarter and Year awards.
  • Have company dinner or picnic.  Invite family to promote good will


People are motivated by an opportunity to express themselves meaningfully through work. They should be neither beyond competence nor beneath it.  Without competence people do not willing take accountability.

What motivates people?

  • External Motivation…money, security, recognition, challenge and prestige are needed for a motivated conformity. This can be achieved through “Processes and Systematic Selling Strategies”
  • Responsibility…can be achieved through clarification of “expected required behaviors and goals”
  • Standards…can be achieved through procedures, systems and methods
  • Organization Clarity…can be accomplished through clear policies, standards and expectations.

Most of us are motivated and want to work with people who are motivated.

To develop motivated sales people and build Team Spirit, our primary method is a motivational communication style of management, as that of a Nurturing Parent, Coach and Mentor.

By setting forth clearly defined expectations, behaviors, disciplines and goals with each employee, first as a group and then “one on one” you will be well on your way to developing a team of focused and motivated team players.  Once the team has been established, the team will share in “team rewards.”

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