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Your Challenge

In sales, there are many truisms relating to the importance of timing including ones such as “time kills all deals” or the power of being “right place at the right time”.  These statements are more than simple clichés, they represent the simple truth that if you don’t act quickly, or recognize the opportunity when presented, then someone else will.  We are often approached by companies who have identified a need in the market, and have a product or solution which would satisfy it.  When time is of the essence, however, the challenge then becomes how to get to market quickly and capture that market share prior to the competition getting there first.

Our Solution

Sales Focus Inc. recognizes that timing is of paramount importance.  We have the infrastructure in place ranging from our team of senior sales executives, to strategic partnerships, all the way to our dedicated in-house recruiting staff which allows us the capacity to build any size sales team, anywhere in the world, in 45 days or less.  This amazing ability is a testament to our focus on process and the efficacy of our S.O.L.D.TM methodology.  Big business or small, requiring a team or 2 or 200, partnering with Sales Focus guarantees that you will never miss a market opportunity.

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Our Trademarked Methodology - S.O.L.D.™

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