Case Study


Industry: Travel Intelligence

Client Description

iJET, Inc. is a provider in the travel intelligence targeted at commercial businesses with large
volumes of executive international travel. They focus their services around security and health
of the individual traveler.

Customer Requirements

iJET was a startup organization with 4 strong leaders and a very good business plan. They
needed SFI to develop, integrate and launch their sales and marketing efforts.

SFI Solutions

SFI entered into an engagement with iJET to develop their sales and marketing strategies at their beginning stages of corporate development. SFI assisted and supported iJET
throughout the VC funding stage. SFI responsibilities included writing the sales plan,
developing and implementing sales processes, developing organizational plans, job
descriptions, compensation plans, and commission plans. We developed lead
generation plansand lead conversion processes as well. After assisting iJET in raising $10M in
VC funding, SFI implemented a hiring process, whereby we recruited and hired over 70 people
in less than 5 months.


iJET has been in business for 2 years, raising more than $18M in capital. They have
successfully launched their business and have become profitable.


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