Sales Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry is fueled by innovation. Like any other tech-driven field, companies’ sales team may be scrambling to keep up. Their lag is your company’s loss.

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) provides the outsourced sales solutions you need to keep your telecom company running ahead of the pack.

Challenges to Increased Sales in Telecommunications

Similar to finance and information technology, sales people in the telecommunications industry face the challenge of client education, or perhaps more accurately, lack thereof. Before they can close sales, they have to first help their clients understand what they are buying.

Translating high-tech products and services into layman’s terms requires that your sales agents be:

  1. Product/service experts – your sales team needs to understand how the product/services works and what problems it solves.
  2. Ambassadors of your unique value proposition – your sales team needs to be able to clearly communicate how your solutions for the telecom industry are different, better, than your competitors’.

The training required to develop a sales team with the right knowledge and skills introduces the next major challenge – cost of an in-house sales team.

How We Address the Telecom Industry’s Sales Challenges

SFI has the expertise and infrastructure to effectively address the challenges faced by telecommunications companies.

Our approach to sales outsourcing ensures that:

  • You have a sales team ready to educate prospects and convert them into buyers
    Through our S.O.L.D.™ process, we quickly gather the information we need to develop:
    • Ideal client profiles
    • Customized sales plan
    • Recruiting requirements
    • Training plan
    We work with your leadership team to turn our sales agents into product/service experts and brand ambassadors for your company.
  • Your sales team pays for itself with quick and sustainable sales performance increases
    Our systematic approach to sales outsourcing allows us to build your sales plan and sales team from the ground up in less than two months. Every agent we hire is an experienced, hungry hunter who immediately gets to work targeting and approaching high-value prospects to generate revenue in a matter of weeks, not months.

You can keep your sales team in-house, but at what cost? SFI provides the flexible sales solutions you need at a fixed rate and with performance assurances.

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