Sales Solutions for the Advertising Industry

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) has the sales expertise required to increase your advertising business’ revenue stream.

Advertising Sales Challenges

It does not matter if your business offers conventional advertising opportunities, like radio and TV spots and billboard space, or advertising that incorporates newer technologies and platforms. The advertising industry as a whole faces the same challenge:

Getting clients to understand and invest in the value of your products and services

While clients understand the basic concept that they need public visibility to increase brand awareness and drive sales, many decision makers do not understand the work and costs involved in delivering advertising solutions—i.e., why what you are offering is worth the money.

How SFI Meets Advertising Sales Challenges Head-On

SFI meets the advertising industry’s sales challenges head-on through our S.O.L.D.™ process and recruiting practices. Our systematic approach to sales team development ensures that:

  • We hire sales agents with:
    • The work ethic required for success
    • The planning skills needed to target, approach and engage ideal, high-value prospects
    • The communication skills necessary to initiate meaningful conversations with decision makers about their advertising needs
  • We have the vital information about your company, advertising solutions and competitors so that our sales agents can approach prospects as product/service experts

Our approach also ensures that you have a fully developed sales team and sales plan in less than two months.

Increase Your Advertising Sales Starting Now

SFI can deliver customized outsourced sales solutions for your advertising firm in 45 days from signed contract. Get the clock ticking. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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