Enter International Markets

Your Challenge

So you’ve dominated the local market and are looking to expand.  Or have a brilliant product or solution that would be better suited in a geographic region where you don’t currently have a footprint.  Or maybe you are unfamiliar with the regulatory requirements specific to the location in which you are looking to launch a new sales campaign.  Regardless, the reasons to expand your brand internationally are many, as are the logistical challenges associated with crossing borders.   We are often approached by companies who are facing this exact challenge and are happy to be able to provide a solution.

Our Solution

Sales Focus recognizes that going international is a daunting task for any business.    Since our founding we have developed a team of partners strategically located across the globe to truly give us, and by extension, your business a global presence.   Operating under one agreement and utilizing our methodology, we are able to bring our expertise and process anywhere in the world by utilizing local resources who speak the language, know the culture and can thus more effectively close the deal and generate revenue.

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Our Commitment to You

Revenue growth and new client acquisition

Reduced and controlled
cost of sales

Brand protection by using dedicated full time employees
Sales Intelligence – All information is your information

What Makes Sales Focus the right Outsourced Sales Team partner for your business?


Repeatable Process

S.O.L.D.™ – Our Launch Methodology – Proven and Repeatable for Large and Small Companies

Senior Executives – Program Managers – with industry experience and knowledge to build and manage sales teams.


Cost Savings

More control over variable expenses such as insurance, overhead, HR, etc.

Reduce or eliminate personnel, equipment & infrastructure


Level of Expertise

Outsourced Sales Team is one of our core competencies

Allows you & your team to focus on what you do best


Scalable Solutions

Marketing services that are optimized to campaign results

Sales teams that can adapt to market conditions and results of the campaign


Speed to Market

On-boarding process quickly adapts to your business goals & objectives

Actively marketing and selling your product or service in 10 – 45 days


Employee Transition

Customer may acquire sales team directly after 12 months

Proven and properly trained sales team positioned for years of development and success.

Our Trademarked Methodology - S.O.L.D.™

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Find out how to launch your Outsourced Sales
Team in 45 days or less