Sales Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) has the expertise to equip pharmaceutical companies with the sales force they need to sustain and grow sales.

Pharmaceutical Sales Depends on Human Connections

While pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in direct-to-consumer marketing, actual sales are generated through the prescribers. Doctors and other medical professionals with prescribing authority need more than commercials to sway them. They need a live human to answer their questions and boost their confidence in the drug before they will write their patients a script for it. 

Human Pharmaceutical Sales Agents without the Human Resources Costs

There is no substitute for field salespeople in the pharmaceutical industry. But the costs associated with the size of sales team you need to raise awareness of your drug and provide national coverage significantly bite into your bottom line.

Sales outsourcing can provide you with the high-performance sales team you need at a fixed cost.

SFI bears the labor burden associated with recruiting, training and compensating your sales team.

Better yet, your fixed monthly rate quickly pays for itself. On average, we can have a field-ready sales team and customized sales plan put together in less than two months after you sign your contract.

Unrivaled Pharmaceutical Sales Team Flexibility

Another benefit to sales outsourcing from SFI is the flexibility it provides. Our S.O.L.D.™ process allows us to quickly develop (re)training plans in the event that your sales team needs to shift focus to a new product, even a new innovation just being introduced to market. And, we offer the opportunity to on-board your sales team after 24 months to maintain sales performance.

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