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Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) provides the cost-effective, scalable energy sales outsourcing solutions needed to increase revenue in the ever-changing industry. We work closely with clients to implement strategies for reducing energy consumption and offer procurement, management, and efficiency solutions. Outsourcing energy needs to Sales Focus Inc. can help businesses save time and resources while benefiting from their expertise and customized approach.

What Are Energy Outsourcing Services?

Energy outsourcing services involve partnering with a third-party provider to manage and oversee the energy needs of a business. This may include outsourcing energy procurement, management, and efficiency services. Outsourcing energy businesses can help companies save time and resources while benefiting from the expertise and experience of a dedicated energy team. Energy outsourcing services providers work closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to reduce energy consumption and costs. By outsourcing energy needs, businesses can focus on other areas of their operations while ensuring their energy needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively. Ultimately, energy outsourcing services can help companies to improve their bottom line and become more environmentally sustainable.

What Is Energy Sales Outsourcing?

Energy sales outsourcing refers to the practice of partnering with an external company or individual to handle the sales and marketing activities for energy-related products and services. It involves entrusting the responsibility of selling energy products, such as electricity, natural gas, renewable energy solutions, energy efficiency technologies, and related services to a specialized outsourcing partner. Some key points related to energy industry sales outsourcing are:

  • Sales expertise – By outsourcing sales, energy companies can leverage the expertise of professionals who specialize in energy sales and marketing. These experts possess a deep understanding of the energy industry, market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and customer needs. They are skilled at selling energy products and services, acquiring new customers, and maintaining client relationships.
  • Cost savings – Energy sales outsourcing can result in cost savings for companies. Instead of maintaining an in-house sales team, which requires investments in recruitment, training, salaries, benefits, and infrastructure, outsourcing allows businesses to pay for sales services on a contracted basis. This can lead to significant cost reductions.
  • Market reach and customer acquisition – The outsourcing partner in energy sales typically has an established network of potential customers, including commercial and industrial clients, residential customers, government entities, and other energy consumers. Leveraging their existing relationships and sales channels can help energy companies expand their market reach and acquire new customers more efficiently.
  • Regulatory compliance – Energy sales outsourcing partners are expected to have a deep understanding of energy regulations and compliance standards. This ensures that sales activities are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and industry best practices. Compliance with regulations is crucial for maintaining the integrity and reputation of energy companies.
  • Technological expertise – With the evolving energy landscape, including the increasing adoption of renewable energy and energy management technologies, outsourcing partners can bring specialized knowledge and expertise in these areas. They can effectively communicate the benefits of energy solutions, provide technical support, and address customer inquiries related to energy efficiency, solar power, energy storage, and other emerging technologies.
  • Flexibility and scalability – Energy sales outsourcing provides flexibility and scalability for energy companies. They can adjust the level of outsourcing based on market demand, seasonal variations, and specific sales objectives. This allows businesses to align their sales efforts with market conditions and efficiently allocate resources.

Selecting a reputable and knowledgeable outsourcing partner is crucial for energy companies to achieve their sales goals. Whether for a contracted energy sales outsourcing, renewable energy sales outsourcing, or sales outsourcing for a deregulated energy market, Sales Focus Inc. has you covered. We always strive for a transparent partnership based on effective communication, collaboration, and performance-tracking mechanisms to ensure a successful outsourcing relationship. Additionally, maintaining brand consistency and aligning the outsourcing partner’s strategies with the company’s values and goals are important for achieving desired sales outcomes in the energy sector.

Contracted and Deregulated Energy Sales Outsourcing For Small Businesses and Startups

Deregulated energy companies can use sales outsourcing arrangements to target small businesses and startups. Deregulated markets are great for smaller companies because the competition allows them to secure favorable energy supplier that best fits their needs.

Contracted energy sales outsourcing for small businesses can reduce many costs companies face regarding their utility bills. These contracts provide businesses with stability and predictability when managing their energy costs. They get the opportunity to tailor their energy supply to their specific needs. This allows businesses to establish a long-term relationship with a trusted energy supplier and preferential pricing based on the contracted terms. The same is true for contracted energy sales outsourcing for startups. Sales Focus is a leading provider of contracted and deregulated energy sales outsourcing services.

Improving Sales Performance for All Sectors of the Energy Industry

Sales Focus Inc. is an energy sales outsourcing company specializing in helping businesses in the energy industry increase revenue and new client acquisition. Our sales expertise is tailored to companies involved in producing, distributing, and integrating fossil fuels, solar, and other alternative power sources.

Our client portfolio demonstrates our ability to provide energy outsourcing services to various businesses in the industry. From oil and gas outsourcing to renewable energy sales outsourcing to contracted energy sales outsourcing, and to deregulated energy sales outsourcing or alternative energy sources, Sales Focus Inc. has the expertise to help companies to increase their revenue and streamline their operations.

Benefits of an Outsourced Energy Sales Team

Whether you are a startup or an established name in the energy industry, sales outsourcing solutions from SFI can enhance your bottom line. Our proprietary approach to sales plan and team development combined with sales agents selected specifically for your energy firm ensure you get:

  • Top sales performance at a fixed cost – SFI bears the labor burden for your sales team. You simply pay a fixed rate for services. Be assured that we offer competitive compensation packages, so our sales agents are motivated to exceed expectations and achieve aggressive sales goals.
  • Top sales performance faster – Our S.O.L.D.™ process lets us quickly gather information about your company and products/services and translate that into a customized sales plan, recruiting criteria, and training plan. Once you sign on for services, we can have your inside sales or outside sales team ready in less than two months.
  • Sustainable sales performance – When your service term ends, you can transition our sales agents to your in-house sales department.

We customize sales outsourcing to meet your needs. You get the right size team, sales capabilities, and sales support for your business.

Save Your Energy With An Energy Industry Sales Outsourcing Team

SFI already invested the energy to streamline the sales team development process so you can save yours. To get the sales outsourcing solutions your energy firm needs for any energy industry sales outsourcing needs, you must contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Energy Sales Outsourcing FAQ’s

Deregulated energy is also known as energy deregulation of energy liberalization. It refers to opening up electricity and/or natural gas markets to multiple suppliers. This process of restructuring the energy industry introduces competition and eliminates or reduces government control over energy markets. Consumers and businesses can choose their energy providers and potentially benefit from lower prices, increased innovation, and improved service quality. In a deregulated energy market, businesses can choose their energy suppliers from various options.

Contracted energy is when a business or organization enters into a contractual agreement with an energy supplier for electricity, natural gas, or other forms of energy. Under a contracted energy arrangement, the business and the energy supplier agree on specific terms and conditions. This includes pricing, contract duration, renewable energy options, and other relevant provisions. Most deregulated energy companies work under contractual terms.

Contracted energy sales outsourcing involves an energy supplier partnering with a sales outsourcing or consulting firm to procure and manage energy contracts on behalf of the energy business. Contracted energy sales outsourcing companies navigate these competitive, deregulated energy markets.

Sales Focus has decades of sales experience in the energy sector, making us the world’s top energy sales outsourcing company. Our sales agents have the field experience needed to educate prospects on and facilitate energy contracts in any market or territory. We’ve evolved with the industry and our clients, which is why we’ve worked with energy leaders across the United States.

Case Studies

Extend Your Company's Sales Team

At Sales Focus, Inc., we believe that success begins with transparent partnerships. Since 1998, we have been quickly building, launching and managing high performing dedicated sales teams across all industries regardless of company size, both domestic and international.

Energy Plus

SFI established an aggressive tactical sales approach: 85 “feet-on-the-street” sales professionals who travel door-to-door to acquire new customers.

TXU Energy

The direct sales channel Sales Focus developed for TXU has become the most successful sales team for the...

A Renewable Energy Company

After dominating the Upstate New York market with our 20 sales representatives, the client allowed us to grow...

Residential Solar Energy
National Solar Energy

SFI developed 5 teams of 5 sales agents in multiple territories that successfully sold the solution to homeowners....

Enron Energy Services

The Sales Focus direct sales channel for Enron was the most successful sales team for the acquisition of...

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Sales Focus analyzed, helped develop and implemented selling processes that made an immediate positive impact to our sales Objectives. Within 90 days, Sales Focus was able to implement selling procedures that effectively increased our productivity this year! The sales team gained immediate benefits that will guide our organization into the future and will allow Horizon to continue its dominance in the Psychiatric Contract Management arena.

Horizon Health Behavioral Health Services

Sales Focus developed a tactical go-to-market plan that allowed TXU to quickly establish a presence in a newly targeted middle- market geography. They incorporated their processes and management tools into our organizational requirements that made the launch very successful. Time to market and scalability were essential to our success and Sales Focus delivered what they promised. Our Partnership with Sales Focus continues to expand.
Marketing Director

TXU Energy

With Sales Focus Inc. we were able to quickly develop our organization and have the sales team quickly on the street with their efforts immediately focused on generating revenue. Sales Focus was able to analyze our market and direct our sales efforts towards the most lucrative opportunities. Knowledge, process and focus were brought into our business from the very beginning of our engagement.

iJet Travel Intelligence (now WorldAware)

Sales Focus was able to quickly identify our needs and launch a sales team within 30 days to achieve our requirements. They incorporated their management program into our systems and delivered the results. Sales Focus brought the professional management and sales experience we needed.
General Manager

Sprint (now T-Mobile)

I appreciate all the hard work the Sales Focus team put into our partnership, particularly Kristina and Josh. We saw great results in terms of the volume of interactions, leads, webinar signups, and meetings set. I think there was a difficulty in setting meetings with the best individuals who were specifically interested in our platform, but that's a battle that everyone fights. We are moving on from our existing partnership because we're bringing these operations in-house moving forward, but we will keep Sales Focus in mind if our needs change.
Director of Business Development


Sales Focus’s vast network of contacts, seasoned sales force, and broad experience in the industry made them the natural choice to provide representation throughout North America.
Director of Tourism

Bermuda Department of Tourism