Solutions That We Provide

Sales Focus Inc. provides process-driven sales solutions tailored to each business’ unique needs. Our experienced team of sales executives has the expertise to provide:

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, timing is everything. We guarantee to launch your new Expert Sales Team in 45 days or less, any size, anywhere across the globe, so that you never miss a market opportunity.

Our S.O.L.D.TM process is the roadmap which we use to successfully launch all new programs. This, along with our ability to source the highest caliber Sales Professionals and Expert Management, gives us the confidence to guarantee your growth.

Whether you are an international company looking to enter the US Market or a domestic firm looking to establish a global presence, our International Sales Outsourcing Solution can expand your brand to anywhere in the world in 45 days or less. 

Perhaps you need immediate sales support to launch a new product or are having trouble expanding into a difficult territory, our Scalable Programs and Expert Agents can work in a supplemental capacity with your existing team to support your growth.

Volatility and high turnover can be an unfortunate reality within every sales team. Let Sales Focus assume the administrative burden of recruiting, training, and supporting an Expert Sales Team with our all inclusive solution.

We have no minimum requirements in terms of your future Sales Team. Whether you want to begin with a single Sales Professional and scale-up, or hundreds and scale back, we offer you the flexibility to make the determination that’s right for your business, when it’s right for your business.

Find out how to Building Your High-Performance Sales Team in 45 days or less