Why Sales Outsourcing

Sales Focus Inc. is the pioneer and leader in intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions.  Since our companies founding in 1998, we have operated with the belief that accountability on both a personal and professional level is what creates a true foundation for growth.  Our founder and CEO, Tony Horwath, has stood steadfastly by this sentiment. As a result, it has been deeply ingrained into not only our corporate culture but also within the relationships that we nurture and develop with our clients.  

In order to maintain such a strong corporate culture with sales teams established in a wide range of locations across the United States and globally, our executive team must lead and motivate from top to bottom. Getting an entire organization to stay accountable on a personal and business level requires strong and effective leadership, and that is what Sales Focus delivers.

Our team of sales management executives comes from diverse backgrounds, with extensive experience throughout every level of the sales process. Their strength in communication and “Above the Line” mentality is the force that powers not only their own internal growth but also that of our clients.


Outside sales refers to face to face sales with your customers. An outside sales team meets directly with the prospect in a face-to-face sales approach. The outside model still must conduct much of the selling virtual. However, the outside sales professional develops and manages the relationship on a personal face to face basis. Knocking doors, conducting face-to-face cold calls, and attending networking events are all requirements for a successful outside sales team.

Inside Sales, sometimes referred to as virtual sales, is a sales team or person who does all their selling via electronics. Telephone calls, emails, webinars, etc., but they never meet face to face with the prospect/client. Inside sales can be very effective with a specific product or service that needs a large buying audience and a low investment. Inside sales typically conducts the full life cycle of sales, from lead generation to closure.

Whereas the above examples of inside and outside sales outsourcing imply that the outsourcing firm will adopt the entire process from recruiting to directing, co-sourcing offers the option of keeping your existing sales agents but having them managed by the outside firm.

Entering a new market even domestically can be a daunting task.  Entering a new market on an international scale, when taking into account different time zones, languages, regulations and consumer habits can seem impossible.  We are approached constantly by businesses who wonder how they can expand their reach and turn an idea into a reality.

So what is Sales Outsourcing, and why would a company choose to trust an outside organization with such a critical component of their companies future growth?  The first half, as a definition, is easy to answer:

Sales Outsourcing is the transfer of responsibility of the business sales process to an outside company to develop a dedicated sales team to represent a product or solution directly to the customer of the organization.  The Sales Outsourcing company will have the responsibility of hiring, training, and managing the sales team as if they were an extension of your organization and presenting themselves as your brand to the customer.

Regarding the second half of the question, the answer will vary, but generally speaking, what we have seen since our company’s inception is that our clients typically fall within one of three categories.

  • Small Business:
    • The clients existing management team may be an expert in their fields or have the ability to create a brilliant product but not able to grow their brand beyond a certain level due to the simple reality that they are not salespeople. 
    • The client might have hired sales reps in the past, but only with minimal to moderate success.  This cycle of turnover eventually leads to the realization that the problem might not lie with the salesperson, but that they might lack the expertise to properly manage and direct their team to success. 
    • Similar to the above, the administrative burden might be more than a small business owner is capable of maintaining, given their current business stage and work load.  It can often be that they do not have the time, resources or support staff to manage the recruitment, training, or oversight of the sales team

  • Mid-Sized Business:
    • We are often approached by companies who may have a presence within a specific geographic region but have had trouble entering into a new territory
    • Similar to the above, we are often approached by companies who may be looking to launch a new product with speed.
    • Perhaps a company has an existing sales team that is inundated with inbound orders and is unable to take a more active approach to lead generation.

  • An international firm looking to enter the US Market:
    • Similar to an established business looking to break into a new territory, we are often approached by international organizations that are looking to bring their brand, service, or solution to the US market at speed.
    • Given that they do not yet have a presence within the US, firms often approach us to manage their sales teams on their behalf, given our deep knowledge of the US Domestic market throughout various industries
    • We represent clients all over the world, from all time zones.  Often this difference can create a barrier that prevents their existing management team from effectively being able to direct and support their international team.

Of course, the above is just a small snapshot into some of the many reasons why a company would consider outsourcing their sales process, but it has by and large held true throughout the years.  A more concise way of saying it would be that outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core competencies while having the outsourcing company provide support in areas where they may not have direct experience or knowledge.  Outsourcing also allows for scalability, speed to market, and staff flexibility, where an outsourcing company may supplement a portion of the work if the workload is heavy and the company does not want to increase staff levels.

What are the advantages of outsourcing? There are many advantages to outsourcing, including speed to market, control of operational expenses, scalable staffing levels, and reduced overhead expenses.  The reduction of HR costs is a large advantage of outsourcing solutions.

Are there any risks of outsourcing? There are risks in all business relationships.  The key to reducing risk is to find a reputable outsourcing partner that has a substantial history in your industry and experience with methods of conducting business process.  It is essential to have a close, transparent relationship with your outsourcing partner.  The outsourcing partner must become an extension of your business.

Since our founding in 1998, we have worked with hundreds of companies, hired and managed tens of thousands of sales professionals, and generated well over $1Billion in revenue for our clients.  Our longevity in this industry and 97.8% customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself and separates us from the competition.



Revenue growth and
new client acquisition


Reduced and controlled
cost of sales


Brand protection by using
dedicated full-time employees


Sales Intelligence – All
information is your information.



Repeatable Process

  • S.O.L.D.™ – Our Launch Methodology – Proven and Repeatable for Large and Small Companies
  • Senior Executives – Program Managers – with industry experience and knowledge to build and manage sales teams

Level of Expertise

  • Sales & Marketing are our core competencies
  • Allows you & your team to focus on what you do best

Speed to Market

  • The on-boarding process quickly adapts to your business goals & objectives
  • Actively marketing and selling your product or service in 30 – 45 days

Cost Savings

  • More control over variable expenses such as insurance, overhead, HR, etc.
  • Reduce or eliminate personnel, equipment & infrastructure

Scalable Solutions

  • Marketing services that are optimized to campaign results
  • Sales teams that can adapt to market conditions and results of the campaign

Employee Transition

  • Customer may acquire sales team directly after 12 months
  • Proven and properly trained sales team positioned for years of development and success.

Find out how to launch your Outsourced Sales
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Find out how to launch your Outsourced Sales
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