Sales Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Disruptive technologies and venture capital have significantly increased competition in the manufacturing industry. Consequently, sales no longer come to you. You have to go after new leads and sales.

Sales outsourcing from the industry pioneer, Sales Focus Inc. (SFI), allows you to generate more leads and acquire more clients at lower cost.

What It Takes to Increase Sales in Manufacturing

In decades past, businesses in the manufacturing industry did not have to spend much on advertising or sales. That’s changing as more competitors—local and global—come on the scene.

Today, manufacturing companies need to invest heavily in sales-related endeavors to catchup and stay competitive. So, in addition to investing in advanced technologies to innovate new products, manufacturing businesses also need to invest in:

  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation and management infrastructure
  • Sales campaign strategizing and execution

For manufacturing firms that have never had much of a sales presence, the cost of developing an in-house sales force may be overwhelming. And if you can’t guarantee sales performance, it’s a high-risk investment.

The bottom line is that manufacturing firms need a comprehensive sales plan and high-performance sales team that can increase revenue fast and sustainably.

SFI Delivers What It Takes

SFI has the expertise to bring your manufacturing firm’s sales into the 21st century. By implementing our S.O.L.D.™ process, we efficiently:

  • Gather the information about your company culture, manufacturing products and competition
  • Translate our information into a customized sales plan
  • Recruit experienced sales agents with the qualities that make them the right fit for your company
  • Train our sales agents to be brand and product experts

In less than two months, we have an inside (phone) or outside (field) sales team ready to hunt. And this high-performance sales capability is available for a fixed monthly rate.

Solutions for All Types of Manufacturing Sales

SFI’s streamlined process works to quickly increase lead generation and sales for businesses at any stage of the manufacturing cycle. We can cut time to market for new products, generate new leads for existing product lines and cut the cost of client acquisition overall.

Contact us to innovate your manufacturing firm’s sales process.

Sales Focus Inc. is the outsource sales company your manufacturing firm needs for fast, effective sales innovation. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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