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Sales Focus Inc. offers a proven sales outsourcing solution to help businesses increase their market share. With a team of experienced sales professionals, Sales Focus Inc. can effectively promote and sell a brand’s products or services to a wider audience. By outsourcing sales to Sales Focus Inc., businesses can focus on other important areas of their operations while the sales team works to boost market share.

In addition to sales outsourcing, Sales Focus Inc. offers services designed to help businesses increase their market shares, such as market research and analysis, targeted marketing and advertising, and customer retention strategies. With these tools, companies can build brand recognition and loyalty while expanding their customer base and increasing their market share. Partnering with Sales Focus Inc. can be a smart strategy for any business looking to boost its sales and grow its market share.

What Is Market Share?

Market share refers to the portion or percentage of total sales or revenue that a company or product captures within a specific market. It is a measure of a company’s or product’s relative strength and competitiveness in relation to its competitors.

Market share can be calculated in various ways. One common method is by comparing a company’s sales or revenue with the total sales or revenue generated by all companies operating within the same market. For example, if a company’s annual sales are $10 million and the total sales in the market are $100 million, the company’s market share would be 10%.

Market share is an important metric for businesses as it provides insights into their position within the market and their ability to attract customers. A higher market share generally indicates a larger customer base and stronger brand presence. It can also influence a company’s pricing power, profitability, and influence over industry trends.

Tracking market share over time can help companies assess the effectiveness of their strategies and identify opportunities for growth or areas of improvement. Market share analysis is commonly used in competitive industries to evaluate the performance of companies and their products relative to their rivals.

How To Increase the Market Share of a Brand?

To increase a brand’s market share, businesses can employ various strategies. One effective approach is to consider sales outsourcing, which involves partnering with external sales representatives or agencies to promote and sell the brand’s products or services. This can help expand the brand’s reach, tapping into new markets and customers.

Another way to gain more market share is to build brand awareness and recognition through targeted advertising and marketing efforts. This can include social media advertising, search engine optimization, and content marketing. Additionally, businesses can work on building customer loyalty by providing excellent customer service and offering incentives such as loyalty programs or discounts. Finally, companies can also consider diversifying their product offerings or expanding into new markets to capture a larger share of the overall market.

Increase Market Revenue & Share FAQs

Market share refers to the percentage of total sales within a particular market that a specific company or brand holds. It measures a company’s competitiveness and success within its industry. It can be calculated by dividing the company’s sales by the total sales of the industry or market. A higher market share indicates a larger customer base, greater brand recognition, and a stronger market position than competitors. Businesses often strive to increase their market share to increase profits and stay ahead of the competition.


To achieve market share, businesses must provide superior products or services, build brand recognition, expand their customer base, and use effective marketing strategies. Good customer service, competitive pricing, and partnerships with other businesses can also help. Monitoring market trends and competition is important, and adaptability is key to success.

A company can increase the market share of a product by focusing on several strategies, such as:

  • identifying and targeting new customer segments,
  • improving the quality or features which are unique compared to competitors,
    offering promotions and discounts to attract customers,
  • investing in marketing and advertising campaigns,
  • expanding distribution channels, and
  • building strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Market share can be increased by differentiating products or services, expanding distribution channels, or acquiring competitors. Businesses can attract customers and gain market share by offering unique features, pricing, or services.

Expanding distribution channels can increase a company’s reach and accessibility. Mergers and acquisitions can eliminate competition and provide access to new customer bases, technology, or resources. Increasing market share requires innovation, strategic planning, and effective execution.

Case Studies

Extend Your Company's Sales and Marketing Team

At Sales Focus, Inc., we believe that success begins with transparent partnerships. Since 1998, we have been quickly building, launching and managing high performing dedicated sales teams across all industries regardless of company size, both domestic and international.

Information Technology
US Internet Support

SFI hired, trained, and managed a team of 50 sales executives that grew revenue from $10M to over...


Sales Focus exceeded CleanMedia’s goal of 8 appointments set per month by setting an average of 17.5 appointments...

PPG Industries

SFI’s sales teams in PPG’s targeted markets grew revenue from $1 million to more than $23 million in...

Food Company
Forever Oceans

Sales Focus consistently achieved the goal of sending out 20 samples a month to restaurants, often doubling the...

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