Sales Solutions for the Retail Industry

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) can help B2C businesses increase revenue faster. We offer alternative solutions to conventional sales challenges for trendsetting growth in less time than you thought possible.

The Roadblocks to Increased Retail Sales

Retailers encounter common, yet potentially crippling, sales challenges, including:

  • Undefined target market
    No product or service is truly designed for everyone. Finding your ideal client profile (ICP) so that you know what demographics to target is the first step to increased sales, but many retailers do not know how or have the tools to clearly define their target market.
  • Cost-prohibitive brick-and-mortar operations
    The increasing cost of rents, especially in areas with the target demographics and foot traffic you need to drive sales performance, may prevent your retail operation from having an actual storefront.
  • Slow ecommerce performance
    Ecommerce provides a low-cost sales platform, but putting your inventory online doesn’t guarantee sales.

Many retailers also experience seasonal highs and lows, making it difficult to manage operating costs and support an in-house sales team year-round.

Retail Sales Outsourcing Solutions

SFI offers alternatives to conventional retail approaches. Our sales outsourcing capabilities can give you:

  • A sales team scaled to meet your present and future needs
  • A sales team with the experience to target, approach and convert new leads
  • Access to sophisticated analytics and modeling tools that allow you to better define and locate your ICP

But that’s not even the whole package. Our sales outsourcing solutions also entails:

And, because of our trademarked S.O.L.D. process, we can have your sales plan and sales team ready for phone or field sales in two months or less!

Invest in the success of your retail operation. Contact SFI to schedule your initial consultation.

Sales Focus Inc. provides innovative sales outsourcing solutions to address conventional retail sales challenges. Call us today for an initial consultation.

Intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions