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No industry sector evolves at the pace that information technology does. The speed with which new innovations are brought to market and the level of disruption those innovations may cause within the market are two huge challenges to maintaining a high-performance sales team.

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) has the sales expertise, capabilities and flexibility to ensure our outsourced sales solutions meet your demands.

The Importance of a Tech-Savvy Team for Information Technology Sales

The need for IT-savvy sales agents is obvious for companies that innovate and bring new technologies to market. But these companies are not the only ones whose sales team needs to change with evolving technology.

Early adopters—i.e., companies that integrate new technologies into their products, processes, and services—need sales agents who understand the new technology so that they can sell the product or service enabled or enhanced by it.

For both types of IT-driven companies, traditional “salesmanship” isn’t enough. You need sales agents with the ability to translate new technologies into benefits and features that prospects can understand.

How We Can Boost Your Information Technology Sales

SFI can develop a sales team with the right knowledge and skills to improve your IT firm’s sales performance. Here’s how:

  • Our S.O.L.D.™ methodology
    Our trademarked process allows us to systematically—i.e., efficiently and cost-effectively—gather the data we need to develop your sales plan and sales team.
    We customize sales training to ensure that our agents are more than product/service experts—they are authentic representatives of your brand.
  • Our recruitment standards
    SFI carefully selects sales agents for your team from qualified candidates who demonstrate:
    • Work ethic—internally driven to succeed and willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals
    • Superior planning and organization—ability to create a personalized system for targeting, approaching and engaging the right prospects
    • Effective communication—ability to engage decision makers in meaningful conversations to identify their needs and explain how your IT products/services deliver the right solutions
    Candidates must also prove their ability to understand (and explain) technology and technical concepts.
  • Our incorporation of AI into the sales process
    There is no substitute for the human connection in sales. However, technology is making the process of finding the right humans to cultivate a relationship with significantly more efficient. SFI invests in advanced analytics and modeling to give our sales agents the tools they need to get results faster.

Whether your IT solutions are direct to consumer products and services (B2C) or intended for other businesses in or outside the IT industry (B2B), SFI offers the cost-effective, scalable sales solutions you need. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Sales Focus Inc. is the outsource sales company your information technology company needs to ensure your sales keep pace with changes in your industry. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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