5 Types of Sales Pitches You Should Try Today

Sales Tips - 10th Mar 2022

Sales are the engine that drives every business. Becoming a top performer in sales can be pressuring and a never-ending source of stress. The higher-ups are always watching and expecting continuous results as well. To become a top performer, you must know the right sales tips and tricks to get the job done. It all begins with having a great sales pitch.

What is a Sales Pitch? 

A sales pitch is a salesperson’s attempt to persuade their audience to buy or believe what they are offering. That offer might be the chance at another meeting, information on your product or service, or a personal pitch all about you. Whatever the subject matter, it should be quick, to the point, and attention-grabbing.

Long, product-focused, and boring sales pitches have gone out of style. So how do you, as a sales representative, come up with a sales pitch, also known as a sales hook, to meet your quotas. Listed below are different types of sales pitches and what they are.

Types of Sales Pitches

  • The One-Worded Sales Pitch 

    Brands are known for grabbing their customer’s attention by using one word that will hopefully turn into a generic trademark. Kleenex has become a generic trademark. When this happens to a brand, it is due to their products being so popular that soon people start associating them with an action. This can relate back to your sales pitch. Think of the single word that represents your offering and use it in a tagline to grab your customer’s attention.

  • The Question Sales Pitch

    This type of pitch should only be used when you are sure that your buyer either somewhat or entirely understands the value of your product. Begin by rephrasing your pitch as a statement to a question. The question sales pitch formulates prospects to find a reason why they need it or do not. When people search for their own reasons for believing something, they are more likely to believe they need it and act on it. The most important thing to take away from this sales pitch prompt is to assess the buyer’s mindset before using this tactic carefully.

  • The Rhyming Sales Pitch

    Dr. Seuss once said, “Rhymes boost what linguists and cognitive scientists call ‘processing fluency,’ the ease with which our minds break down the stimuli, and make sense of it.” It may sound strange to do in a sales pitch, but rhyming with your sales pitch can actually help you sell your product or service. Researchers have concluded that rhyming statements are perceived to be more accurate than non-rhyming. This could make the difference between a done deal and a competitive steal.

  • The Subject Line Sales Pitch

    The first thing that your prospect sees when opening their email is the subject line. Salespeople are the masters at the art of creating intriguing email subject lines. Your subject line should follow utility, curiosity, or specificity.

  • The Twitter Sales Pitch

    If you were limited to only a certain amount of words to use in your sales pitch, what would it be?
    This task makes you think critically about the main highlights of the service you are offering. A plus to this method is that a list of functions of your product or services can overwhelm and confuse prospects. It is always a good idea to trim the excess from your pitch.

Having these types of sales pitches on your back burner will help you translate your proposition into something new and exciting. When you get the chance to wow your prospect, you have started the journey of creating a great impression of yourself.

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