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Small businesses often need more resources and expertise, hindering their sales performance and growth. That’s where Sales Focus Inc.’s sales outsourcing for small businesses comes in. Our team of experienced sales professionals can help small enterprises to overcome their sales challenges by outsourcing sales functions to us. With our small business outsourcing services, we can help you optimize your sales processes, increase revenue, and achieve your growth objectives. Let us help you focus on your skills and expertise while we take care of your sales functions.

How Can Small Business Sales Outsourcing Help?

Small business sales outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for companies looking to grow their business and improve their sales performance. Small businesses can focus on their core competencies by outsourcing sales and reducing operational costs.

Outsourcing companies provide expert sales teams experienced in selling to the target market, freeing up valuable time and resources for small business owners to focus on their primary business objectives.

Small business outsourcing also allows companies to access the latest technologies, tools, and sales techniques to help improve sales performance. With outsourcing sales for small businesses, they can tap into a broad range of expertise that can help them accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge in their industry.

Benefits Of Sales Outsourcing For Startups

Outsourcing sales for small businesses and startups can offer a range of significant benefits. Firstly,  it allows these enterprises to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience without the need for an in-house sales team. By leveraging outsourced sales professionals, startups and small businesses can access a specialized skill set that can drive revenue growth and expand their customer base. Small business outsourcing helps reduce the financial burden associated with hiring and training a dedicated sales force, as it often involves more cost-effective payment structures, such as commissions or project-based fees.

This financial flexibility is particularly advantageous for small businesses with limited budgets, enabling them to allocate resources to other critical areas of their operations. Furthermore, outsourced sales for startups and small businesses can provide scalability. That allows startups to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands by adding or reducing sales support as needed. Ultimately, this strategic approach allows small businesses to remain agile, competitive, and focused on their core operations while still achieving their sales goals.

Increase Sales With An Outsourced Sales Team For Small Businesses

Sales Focus offers sales outsourcing for small businesses and startups to boost sales and revenue. Committed to providing a fully trained and dedicated sales team in 45 days or less with speed to market, we ensure a seamless and rapid integration of skilled professionals into your organization.

The process begins with the recruitment of a highly qualified sales team tailored to your specific needs. We take care of the entire hiring process, including a concise interview process, thorough background checks, and drug screenings. This ensures brand protection and that only the right individuals are selected for the job. The onboarding and training process is completed within a week or less, making it possible for your newly assembled sales team to start selling quickly. These outsourced sales teams for startups and small businesses are highly trained and fully capable of representing your brand effectively.

We offer a streamlined approach to tracking KPIs, making it easy for sales agents to log their daily performance in just a few minutes. Regular meetings with Operations Administrators and Managers ensure that reps are on track to meet their goals and receive the support they need. With our small business sales outsourcing teams, you can anticipate a substantial boost in sales and revenue in a short timeframe. Our unwavering commitment to meeting your expectations, coupled with our efficient recruitment and training processes, guarantees the presence of a highly effective sales force dedicated to driving your company’s success. Whether you aim to expand market presence, launch new products, or increase sales, we deliver sales outsourcing for small businesses and startups that yield results within a 45-day timeframe.

Our Small Business Outsourcing Services

Our small business outsourcing services provide an effective solution for small businesses looking to improve their sales performance and productivity.

These services offer a range of benefits, including access to experienced sales professionals, advanced technology and software, and customized sales strategies tailored to each business’s unique needs. Outsourcing sales for small businesses also helps reduce costs and increase efficiency by eliminating the need to hire and train an in-house sales team.

Small business outsourcing services can include lead generation, appointment setting, sales development, and more, all of which can help small businesses to grow their customer base and increase revenue. By partnering with a reputable sales outsourcing provider, small businesses can gain the support they need to achieve their sales goals and succeed in a highly competitive market.

Case Studies

Extend Your Company's Sales and Marketing Team

At Sales Focus, Inc., we believe that success begins with transparent partnerships. Since 1998, we have been quickly building, launching and managing high performing dedicated sales teams across all industries regardless of company size, both domestic and international.

Cornerstone Health Systems

The sales team SFI developed and managed for Cornerstone exceeded quota, generating more than $1 million in sales...

A Renewable Energy Company

After dominating the Upstate New York market with our 20 sales representatives, the client allowed us to grow...


SFI will hire, train and manage 200 sales executives in multiple territories in the US and over 300...


The two sales teams SFI developed for MARCOA Media exceeded quota across the board. MARCOA completed its 12-month...

Food Company
Forever Oceans

Sales Focus’s sales agent consistently achieved Forever Oceans’s goal of sending out 20 Kanpachi samples a month to...


Sales Focus exceeded CleanMedia’s goal of 8 appointments set per month by setting an average of 17.5 appointments...

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