FAQ Basics of Outsourced Sales & Marketing

outsourced marketing and sales,

When it comes to outsourced marketing and sales, there is a lot to understand. More and more companies of all types have been using business models that outsource essential services, and they’re saving money for it — in fact, a company can save an average of 60% in operations costs with an outsourced individual. Here is a quick FAQ to help you understand the basics of outsourced sales and marketing.

What are the main benefits of outsourced marketing and sales?

As mentioned earlier, saving money is a good incentive for business to outsource aspects of their business. It’s simply not feasible to employee a team of web developers or salespeople if your company doesn’t have the money to offer them full-time salaries, plus benefits and commission. On top of that, Companies that operate in the U.S. spend more than $20 billion a year to train salespeople on products, skills and territory management, and working with an outside company drastically cuts back on many of those costs, allowing you to focus on expanding other areas of your business.

What does an outsourced sales and marketing firm actually do?

Unlike an advertising agency that just makes ads for your business, a sales and marketing agency offers a much wider variety of services to assist in building a sales organization. Marketing companies can help with b2b sales, take over your business’ social media plan, assist in website development, write all print communication for your business, design print and digital ads, execute tried-and-true SEO campaigns, and much more.

Aren’t these services expensive?

While some less-than-reputable companies may charge you more than the quality of their work warrants, but honest companies usually charge reasonable amounts. It’s important to understand that when working with a sales or marketing firm, services can be purchased individually or within a bundle. If your business only needs help with a few small marketing projects, it may not be necessary to buy a bundle, but if your company is new or needs serious marketing help, purchasing by bundle is the best value.

Ultimately, outsourcing sales and marketing allows you to reap the benefits of their services without having to commit to hiring a full-time staff. For more information about sales consulting services, contact Sales Focus, Inc.