How to Increase Brand Awareness: The Best Strategies Today

Marketing - 02nd Sep 2021
brand awareness

How do you make your brand stand out in the sea of competitors? How can you get people to remember your company when they are looking for a certain product or service? The answer is branding. Branding is what will help people recognize and identify with you, even if they have never been exposed to it before.

As a business, you want your brand to be known and heard. You may have tried many ways to increase brand awareness, but it may not be working as you had hoped. But, brand awareness is the key to success. This is true whether you are a small business or an international corporation. It’s difficult to make an impact without people knowing who you are. Brand awareness is something that many companies want to achieve, but not all of them know how. So, how do you increase brand awareness?

How much do you know about your potential customers? Do you know their age, gender, income level, location? This information will help you to create a branding strategy that is unique and personal for them.

There are many ways to create brand awareness, but these five strategies have been proven to be the most effective today.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is when a customer recognizes and associates your company with the product or service you provide. It is when they know who you are, how to find out more about what you offer, and why it’s important for them to make the decision to use your business over someone else’s. It helps in improving loyalty and confidence in your organization.

What is Branding?

Creating a brand is the process of establishing what you do or sell and how you want to be known by people who buy from you. It’s also about setting yourself apart from the competition with a unique name, logo design, slogan, image, etc. Strong brand identity will help keep customers coming back for more instead of going elsewhere when they need something done. In marketing terms, branding means creating awareness around an entire product category rather than individual brands within it. For example, Coca-Cola exists because it wants to make its own beverages stand out above other options on supermarket shelves but at the same time doesn’t compete against Pepsi specifically – just any drink that isn’t Coke.

Effective Brand Awareness That Every Business and Marketer Should Know

Keep consistency in voice and image

Consistency in voice and image is a big part of branding. To build your brand, you have to stay true to the message that it’s been created with. This means having similar writing styles across all platforms, so customers know they are connected at every touchpoint. Your website should match up with social media posts that can be tied into any advertisements or marketing campaigns that go out there.

Doing this will help create an appearance around your company but also include what differentiates you from everyone else on the marketplace. When people see consistency between different types of content pieces, they feel more comfortable knowing exactly who you are and how professional you appear to be compared to other brands out there trying new things constantly without coming off confident about it.

Use all aspects of social media

Social media is not just about staying in touch with friends and family. It’s also a great way to connect with your customers. Think of social media as a tool that helps you build relationships, trust, loyalty, etc., which are all necessary for brand awareness.

However, there are many different outlets where people can be found on the internet these days. So, make sure to utilize each one properly by creating an account/page specifically made for what you want them to know about your company or product(s). This could mean using Facebook if you’re looking for more personal interactions but then investing into growing a following through Instagram if images seem like they will catch their attention better than words ever could. LinkedIn if your target customers are businesses or business professional to show and share your industry expertise. Don’t forget Google+ since it’s the second largest search engine out there. People are using it to find products, services, etc. Thus, make sure your business is easy enough to locate through one single click of a button!

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Building brand awareness through social media means making your customers happy and keeping them coming back for more. If you can show that you’re listening to their wants, needs, and concerns, then they will feel much happier giving the business a chance in return, even if it’s something completely new that they never thought could benefit them before. Customer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with customer loyalty, so make sure both of these are being met throughout every stage of the process from beginning to end.

To improve customer satisfaction, make sure to be responsive if they leave comments or questions on your social media pages. It can also help to provide them with ways of contacting you offline so people will feel more comfortable about asking for something if it’s not an option online. On the other hand, loyalty comes from having a good product/service at a price that’s reasonable, which keeps customers coming back since there are no major changes in quality and their needs aren’t going unmet over time!

Advertise on the Right Channels

When it comes to advertising, you want to make sure that your target customers are being reached in an effective way. This means putting your money towards platforms your target customers are spending their time, like LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Twitter Ads.

For example, if you’re looking to professionals between the ages of 35 and 55, then LinkedIn would be one of the best bets as opposed to trying TV commercials which may end up going completely unnoticed by this group who could be watching their favorite show! It’s also important to use social channels for networking, both to connect with industry peers, as well as target customers.

Leverage Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns is a great way to keep your business top of mind, and to attract people back to your business, even if they haven’t been around for a while. It’s pretty much like having the chance to reach out and tab these people on the should individually remind them about your business, and about what drew them to your business to begin with. Be sure to include a great call to action that re-engages them to take action. It’s important to stay relevant and provide value first and not always be focused on advertising your products/services that fit their needs.


There are many ways to increase brand awareness. The key is being consistent and following up on whatever has been promised along the way, so target and current customers see that your business is focused on their needs, and you’re there to help them solve their business problems and challenges.

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