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As a vendor of leisure and ease, your business in the tourism industry faces some unique sales challenges. Using our tourism sales outsourcing solutions, Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) can help you overcome those challenges to increase your revenue stream immediately and sustainably.

What Is Tourism Outsourcing?

Tourism outsourcing refers to outsourcing specific business functions in the travel and tourism industry, such as sales and marketing, to third-party providers. Tourism outsourcing can help businesses in the travel and tourism industry reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance competitiveness.

Tourism sales outsourcing can help travel and tourism companies increase their sales revenue by providing access to experienced sales professionals with knowledge of the industry and its specific challenges. These outsourcing services can include lead generation, sales consulting, and market analysis. By partnering with a third-party provider for tourism outsourcing, companies can also benefit from the provider’s established network of contacts and resources and their expertise in managing sales operations.

What Is Tourism Sales Outsourcing?

Tourism sales outsourcing refers to the practice of partnering with an external sales agency to handle the sales and marketing activities for businesses in the tourism industry. It involves entrusting the responsibility of generating sales, attracting customers, and promoting services to a specialized outsourcing partner. Some key points related to tourism sales outsourcing are:

  • Sales expertise – By outsourcing sales, businesses in the tourism sector can tap into the expertise of sales professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the industry, market trends, and customer preferences. These experts are skilled in selling hospitality services, such as hotel accommodations, travel packages, event venues, and tourism experiences.
  • Cost savings – Outsourcing sales can offer cost-saving benefits for tourism businesses. Instead of maintaining an in-house sales team, which requires expenses for hiring, training, salaries, benefits, and overhead costs, outsourcing allows businesses to pay for sales services on a contracted basis. This can result in significant cost savings.
  • Market penetration – Tourism sales outsourcing can help businesses penetrate new markets and reach a wider audience. The outsourcing partner typically has an established network of travel agents, tour operators, corporate clients, event planners, and online travel agencies (OTAs). Leveraging their existing relationships can enhance market reach and increase sales opportunities.
  • Increased sales effectiveness – The outsourcing partner specializes in sales and marketing, utilizing various strategies and techniques to enhance the sales process. They can employ targeted marketing campaigns, lead generation tactics, relationship building, and negotiation skills to drive sales growth for the tourism business.
  • Focus on customer experience – By outsourcing sales, businesses can focus more on delivering exceptional customer experiences. With sales responsibilities taken care of, businesses can allocate their internal resources to providing high-quality services, improving guest satisfaction, and enhancing the overall customer journey.
  • Flexibility and scalability – Sales outsourcing in the tourism industry provides flexibility and scalability. Businesses can adjust the level of outsourcing based on seasonal demand, special events, or specific sales initiatives. This allows for a more efficient allocation of resources while adapting to changing market conditions.

Tourism businesses should select a reputable outsourcing partner with a proven track record in the industry. We always strive for a transparent partnership based on clear communication, collaboration, and performance monitoring to maintain a successful outsourcing relationship. Additionally, maintaining brand consistency and aligning the outsourcing partner’s strategies with the business’s goals and values are crucial for achieving desired sales outcomes.

B2B And B2C Tourism Sales

The tourism industry has two primary levels:

  1. Economic development
    At this industry level, community leaders are trying to attract tourism-related businesses into the area to grow local tourism. The sellers are often agencies created by economic development initiatives.
  2. Direct-to-consumer
    At this industry level, sellers are product/service vendors who are targeting consumers directly to sell merchandise and experiences.

SFI has the sales expertise to increase sales at both levels of the tourism industry. We have the capabilities to develop sales teams that know how to target B2B decision makers as well as teams with the skills to convert individuals into paying customers.

Why Sales Outsourcing Makes Sense for the Tourism Industry

Tourism is an industry with marked seasonal business cycles and one that is often driven by short-term initiatives. So, outsourcing sales makes sense for businesses in the industry because:

  • Sales outsourcing is more cost-effective
    When you outsource sales, you get sales performance at a fixed rate and without the associated labor and training costs. And, when you choose SFI, you also get the size of the sales team you really need—no more, no less.
  • Sales outsourcing can generate results faster
    SFI implements our S.O.L.D.™ process to ensure that we become experts on your product/service line at the same time we recruit the right people. Our systematic approach allows us to have your sales team performance-ready in two months or less.

We have the flexibility to scale your sales team to meet seasonal demands.

Hospitality & Tourism Sales Capabilities Designed To Meet Your Needs

SFI has the capabilities to provide the type of sales team your business really needs.

When you are targeting high-value stakeholders to grow local tourism, face-to-face sales may be a better fit. But if your business is targeting remote prospects, phone sales is the best way to “cover more ground.” SFI offers both.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Sales Focus analyzed, helped develop and implemented selling processes that made an immediate positive impact to our sales Objectives. Within 90 days, Sales Focus was able to implement selling procedures that effectively increased our productivity this year! The sales team gained immediate benefits that will guide our organization into the future and will allow Horizon to continue its dominance in the Psychiatric Contract Management arena.

Horizon Health Behavioral Health Services

Sales Focus developed a tactical go-to-market plan that allowed TXU to quickly establish a presence in a newly targeted middle- market geography. They incorporated their processes and management tools into our organizational requirements that made the launch very successful. Time to market and scalability were essential to our success and Sales Focus delivered what they promised. Our Partnership with Sales Focus continues to expand.
Marketing Director

TXU Energy

With Sales Focus Inc. we were able to quickly develop our organization and have the sales team quickly on the street with their efforts immediately focused on generating revenue. Sales Focus was able to analyze our market and direct our sales efforts towards the most lucrative opportunities. Knowledge, process and focus were brought into our business from the very beginning of our engagement.

iJet Travel Intelligence (now WorldAware)

Sales Focus was able to quickly identify our needs and launch a sales team within 30 days to achieve our requirements. They incorporated their management program into our systems and delivered the results. Sales Focus brought the professional management and sales experience we needed.
General Manager

Sprint (now T-Mobile)

I appreciate all the hard work the Sales Focus team put into our partnership, particularly Kristina and Josh. We saw great results in terms of the volume of interactions, leads, webinar signups, and meetings set. I think there was a difficulty in setting meetings with the best individuals who were specifically interested in our platform, but that's a battle that everyone fights. We are moving on from our existing partnership because we're bringing these operations in-house moving forward, but we will keep Sales Focus in mind if our needs change.
Director of Business Development


Sales Focus’s vast network of contacts, seasoned sales force, and broad experience in the industry made them the natural choice to provide representation throughout North America.
Director of Tourism

Bermuda Department of Tourism