Sales Outsourcing Services

To grow and sustain your business, you need more leads and sales. So, how do you get more leads and sales? More importantly, how do you get more leads and sales cost-effectively?

Sales outsourcing from the industry pioneers—Sales Focus Inc. (SFI).

SFI provides comprehensive sales outsourcing solutions to increase your revenue and control your cost of sales…all provided by experienced sales executives who also ensure brand protection.

Sales Outsourcing Solutions for Every Industry and Business Model

SFI is led by a team of highly experienced sales executives. We have the knowledge and skills required to develop scalable solutions to your sales needs, which may include:

  • An outside sales team
  • An inside sales team
  • B2B sales
  • B2C sales
  • International sales

We provide full-service sales outsourcing that includes recruiting, training and managing your sales team. And, our vertical knowledge extends across a host of industries, including energy, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and retail.

Sales Outsourcing that Delivers More than Increased Sales Performance

Sales Focus Inc. is confident in our proven, process-driven approach to client acquisition and sales that we guarantee performance. But when you choose us for your sales outsourcing specialist, you get more than increased sales. You get peace of mind knowing that your business’ current and future interests are protected.

    Short Term Benefits
    • Speed to market
      SFI gets to work immediately so that we can be actively selling your product or service in 45 days or less.
    • Cost savings
      We provide services for a fixed rate to help you reduce overall cost of sales to boost your profit potential.


    Long Term Benefits
    • Sustained performance
      You have the option to acquire your outsourced sales team after 12 months to maintain your sales performance well into the future.
    • Brand protection
      We prioritize relationships with our clients and carefully select and train your sales team so that we become an extension of your company. As such, we protect what will impact your sales performance for years to come—your brand and sales intelligence.

What Sales Outsourcing Services Are Right for My Company?

You know you need more sales, but maybe you don’t know what services will get the best results for your company. SFI can help.

Our leadership team will evaluate your needs and provide recommendations for a customized sales outsourcing plan. We also offer a number of alternatives to fully outsourced sales, including:

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Intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions