Sales Outsourcing FAQ’s

OUTSOURCING - 13th Aug 2020
  1. What is Sales Outsourcing?
    • Sales Outsourcing is the act of transferring the responsibility of sales to an outside company.  The Sales Outsourcing company will develop a dedicated sales team to represent your product or solution directly to your customers.  The Sales Outsourcing company will train and manage the sales team as they are an extension of your organization.  They will present themselves as your brand to the customer.  Their focus is on new client acquisition and revenue generation.
  2. How long does it take to start a program?
    • Sales Focus can launch any size team anywhere across the US or globally in 45 days or less.  We have successfully launched teams as large as 200+ sales agents in 45 days.  If you require a small team of 1 or 2 sales agents, we can typically launch that team in 15-30 days.
  3. What size company does Sales Outsourcing work best for?
    • Any size company can take advantage of sales outsourcing.  Sales Focus has represented small companies of less than $1M in revenue all the way to top Fortune 500 companies.  We have solutions to fit all budgets.
  4. What is the cost of Sales Outsourcing?
    • The cost is based on the number of sales agents, the level of experience and the geographic location of those sales agents.  Typically, the cost to outsource your sales team is less then if you hired them directly.
  5. Do I lose contact with my customers?
    • No, when the sales agents are in the field or on the phone meeting with your prospects, they represent your brand.  The customer does not know who SFI is, so there is no confusion.  All the Sales Intelligence we gather from the field is put directly into your CRM, so you have complete control and total knowledge of what is happening in the field.
  6. How do I keep all the sales information about customers, competitors and marketing?
    • We will use your CRM; the data will be put directly into your CRM.  You will not have to worry about transfering data or losing any information.
  7. Is Sales Outsourcing confusing to the end client?
    • No, to the end client there is no confusion, as we present ourselves as your company brand.  Contracts are on your paper/electronics, no confusion.
  8. How are the Sales Agents trained on my product/service?
    • Each sales team is specifically trained on your product/service.  SFI develops a Sales Toolkit that includes all training materials regarding the product, the process and the sales techniques.  All our customers delivery the initial training, as you are the expert.  We utilize this training as a train the trainer model for future expansion.
  9. What makes a Sales Outsourcing program successful?
    • The number one success factor is open communication.  It is essential to understand that we are an extension of your company and to be successful in sales we need access to resources in the organization.  Clear, open and constant communication is essential to success.
  10. How do you manage/track success?
    • Each program is developed specifically for our clients.  SFI develops KPI’s that are tracked every day to ensure success.  We have constant tracking of sales agents as they enter the field each day and when their day is completed.  We provide complete access to this data to our clients, so you know exactly how each sales person is performing.
  11. Can I hire the sales team after the contract expires?
    • Yes.  Our contracts allow for the flexibility to hire the sales agents after the contract expires.
  12. Does Sales Focus do Commission Only Sales Programs?
    • No.  We do not believe commission only programs provide the level of success and brand protection we provide to our clients.  Our focus on providing quality sales professionals who are committed to driving new revenue and acquiring new customers, while representing your brand in the utmost professional manner.
  13. What is a Pay for Performance Model?
    • Pay for Performance is a commission only model.  SFI does not offer Commission Only or Pay for Performance.
  14. How do we get started?
    • We start off by having a conversation and understanding your needs and your goals.  SFI pioneered the Sales Outsourcing industry in 1997 and has worked with every industry across the US and Globally.  We have a trademarked process S.O.L.D. that we implement to begin the process.  Once contracts are finalized, we immediately begin the S.O.L.D. process with a Kickoff meeting to have a complete understating of your expectations.  Once you are ready to go, we move quickly and efficiently, we control all aspects of the process and are able to Launch the team in 15-45 days.
  15. What happens if a sales agent is not meeting quota?
    • We track all sales agents daily; we view activity levels (KPI’s) and evaluate performance constantly.  If a sales agent is not achieving expectations, and we have provided them with every opportunity to succeed, it is our responsibility to replace that sales agent at no cost to you.
  16. How many sales people do we need to start with?
    • We do not have any minimums or maximums on the number of sales agents you can start with.  It is your decision.
  17. Can a Startup company do Sales Outsourcing?
    • Yes, we have work with many small startup businesses.  SFI can bring the level of experience that most small startups don’t have internally.  Many startups don’t know how to hire, train and manage sales professionals.  We bring this expertise to all companies, large or small.
  18. Does Sales Outsourcing work for companies not based in the US?
    • Yes, we have launch well over 350 Non-US based organizations.  Sales Outsourcing is a natural fit for Non-US companies, as we have the connections, facilities, management and experience to be successful in the US market.
  19. Can I launch a sales team outside of the US?
    • Yes, SFI has partners throughout the globe that allows us to launch sales people anywhere in the world.  They are locally managed in their country, but you are working with one company, SFI, who is providing consistent service.
  20. How do we protect our brand?
    • A major focus for SFI is to protect your brand.  We have represented some of the world’s largest brands, GE, AT&T, PPG, and many more.  Companies come to SFI because we focus on brand protection.  Every sales person is an employee of SFI, not a contractor, we have control over the process and verify backgrounds, drug testing then makes sure each person is put through extensive training, conducts role playing and passes an assessment test to ensure we are protecting your brand.
  21. How long do we have to commit to on the contract?
    • Your minimum commit to SFI is 90 to 180 days depending on the type of contract.  At that time, you can grow, shrink or stop your service completely.  Our focus is to make you successful.  We have contracts that have latest over 9 years, as we continue to provide superior service.
  22. Can I get exclusive territory rights on my product?
    • Yes, once SFI engages with a customer, we do give you exclusivity into that territory and first right of refusal across the US.
  23. Can you also manage my existing sales team?
    • Yes, we can.  We have a solution called Co-Sourcing; were we can take over the management of your existing sales team.  We can incorporate them into our training and management.
  24. How can you build a sales team any size any where in 45 days or less?
    • We have complete control over all the aspects of building and managing the sales teams.  We are very process oriented and over 20 years’ experience developing dedicate sales teams.  Whether you need 2 people or 200 people, we can deploy a quality trained team in 45 days or less.
  25. Are the Sales Agents dedicated to my company or are they shared?
    • All sales agents are 100% recruited and dedicated to each client.  We do not cross sell or share sales staff.  

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