Our sales recruiting team is committed to your long-term success, and we believe strongly intaking a very patient, knowledgeable and diligent approach to filling sales jobs for our clients – an approach that yields ongoing success and long-standing relationships. We recognize that great talent is the basis for all successful companies, and our primary recruitment objective is to help you build sales teams that will solve current business issues and drive lasting achievement.

Our recruiting team utilizes both traditional avenues as well as the latest in recruiting technology to share our opportunities. A carefully crafted and refined recruiting process is used to hire the very best qualified sales professionals for our clients. Once candidates are identified and pre-qualified, they go through several phone and skype screens as well as a planning capability evaluation before they are invited to an in-person interview. We focus our efforts on only delivering you top-tier talent with the specialized skills, background, and
experience you need to drive sales higher. In fact, we guarantee that every candidate we present fits your unique selling environment.

Once the candidate makes it through the initial screening they are interviewed by our recruiting team, as well as our partners and our sales managers. Frequently, our clients are involved in the final selection process. The process is completed when both our team and the client jointly decide who to hire, and the new employee moves right into your initial training process.

Our recruiting solutions can fit every budget as we offer several options for both small companies and large national roll outs. Solutions to hire one sales person, a senior executive or a national sales team, all developed to fit your needs and your business.

A recruiting process focused on achieving your goals and objectives:

1. We meet with our client to understand your organizational goals
2. We work with you to define clear sales initiatives
3. Sales Focus will write the job description
4. We develop the profile that fits your goals and corporate culture
5. Sales Focus can develop compensation plans to attract the right candidates
6. We will have a clear and defined process to identify the right candidate
7. Satisfaction guaranteed