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At Sales Focus Inc. we are often approached by business owners who have an existing sales team that is not meeting expectations.  There could be a variety of factors such as a lack of effective sales process, ineffective commission structure, or lack of consistent and effective messaging to acquire new customers to grow your business.

We are able to leverage over 20 years of experience in managing high-performance sales teams.  Our experienced Program Managers will assess your current sales strategy and devise an appropriate sales and marketing plan that aligns with your corporate goals.  Our senior executives will take over the management of your existing sales force and provide them with the direction and structure to meet your corporate goals.

What Is Sales Co-Sourcing?

Sales co-sourcing is a business strategy that involves partnering with an external company to supplement and enhance a company’s existing sales team. Co-sourcing sales is a form of outsourcing that provides companies access to sales experts, sales technology, and best practices to improve the effectiveness of their sales efforts.

With sales co-sourcing, companies can augment their sales teams with experts who can bring in new ideas and approaches, expand their reach, and increase revenue. This allows the company to focus on its core competencies while leveraging the expertise of the co-sourcing partner to enhance its sales performance. Sales co-sourcing can be particularly useful for businesses looking to scale up quickly or address specific sales challenges.

Co-sourcing versus Outsourcing: Which is More Beneficial?

The choice between co-sourcing sales and outsourcing sales depends on a business’s current condition, goals, and specific circumstances. To determine which method is best, let’s examine when each approach might be more suitable:


Customization and Control: If your business requires a high level of customization in its sales strategies and you want to maintain tight control over the sales process to ensure it aligns closely with your brand’s values and messaging, co-sourcing is a suitable choice.

Unique or Complex Sales Requirements: If your sales process is intricate or requires a deep understanding of your industry and products, co-sourcing can provide the expertise and adaptability needed to address these unique challenges.

Long-Term Strategic Partnerships: If you’re looking for a long-term, collaborative partnership with a sales organization that can become an extension of your internal team, co-sourcing sales is a suitable choice. This can foster a deep understanding of your business and its goals.

Knowledge Transfer and Skill Development: Co-sourcing partners can facilitate knowledge transfer and skill development within your internal team, helping your employees acquire valuable sales skills and experience.

Outsourcing Sales:

Cost Efficiency: If your business’s primary focus is on cost-saving and reducing operational expenses, outsourcing may be a more cost-effective option. You pay for specific services without having to maintain an in-house sales team.

Scalability and Flexibility: Outsourcing provides flexibility, making it easier to scale your sales team up or down in response to changes in demand or market conditions. This adaptability can be valuable in rapidly changing markets. 

Access to Specialized Expertise: When your business lacks in-house sales expertise or requires access to specialized skills and industry knowledge, outsourcing can provide your business with access to a dedicated and experienced sales workforce.

Focus on Core Competencies: When your internal team needs to concentrate on core business functions like product development, customer support, or strategic planning, outsourcing allows you to delegate sales responsibilities to external experts.

The choice between co-sourcing and outsourcing sales should be driven by your business’s current condition, objectives, and specific needs. Co-sourcing is ideal when customization, control, and a long-term strategic partnership are of utmost importance. Outsourcing is better suited when cost-efficiency, scalability, access to specialized expertise, and the ability to focus on core competencies are top priorities. Ultimately, businesses should carefully assess their unique needs, budget constraints, and strategic goals to determine whether co-sourcing or outsourcing sales aligns best with their current condition and long-term growth objectives.

Why is Co-sourcing a Sales Team Gaining Popularity?

Co-sourcing a sales team is gaining popularity due to the multitude of advantages it offers to businesses. One key benefit is the access to specialized expertise and industry knowledge, which can significantly enhance sales performance, especially in complex or niche markets. Co-sourcing offers a high degree of customization, ensuring that sales strategies align precisely with a company’s objectives and brand identity. This flexibility is crucial in today’s diverse and rapidly changing business landscape. Additionally, co-sourcing proves to be a cost-effective solution, as it eliminates the need to hire and train an entire in-house sales team, reducing overhead costs. 

Another significant advantage is scalability. Businesses can easily adjust their sales efforts to match market conditions without being bound by a fixed internal team. Co-sourcing often leads to long-term partnerships, resulting in a deeper understanding of a business’s goals and market dynamics. This enables companies to focus more on their core competencies, allocate resources more effectively, and harness the advanced sales technology and tools provided by co-sourcing partners. As a result of these advantages, co-sourcing sales is gaining traction across various industries, as businesses increasingly recognize its strategic value in achieving sales goals while maintaining agility and efficiency.

What Is Commissions Management Outsourcing?

Commissions management outsourcing is delegating the responsibility of calculating, processing and administering sales commissions to a third-party vendor. This approach is gaining popularity as it allows companies to save time and resources by outsourcing non-core business functions.

By partnering with a commission management outsourcing company, businesses can ensure accurate and timely commission calculations, streamline commission processes, and eliminate errors. This process is often integrated with sales co-sourcing, which involves outsourcing sales-related functions, such as lead generation and sales support, to a third-party vendor. Combining commission management outsourcing with sales co-sourcing can help companies focus on their expertise and improve their bottom line.

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Co-Sourcing Sales FAQs

Co-sourcing is a form of outsourcing solution where a company receives assistance from a specific outsourced expert. Oftentimes Sales Focus Inc. is approached by organizations who are not looking for an outsourced sales team, but an outsourced management solution to guide their existing sales agents.

Co-sourcing offers the option of keeping your existing agents but having them managed by an outside firm whereas outsourcing is when your company allows an outsourced firm to manage the entire process from recruiting to directing.

Sales Focus can take on as much or as little as a company requires. Our focus is on growing your business through new client acquisition. Our job is to generate revenue, which can be accomplished by process improvement or full life cycle sales outsourcing.

SFI will utilize your existing CRM system so you have the data and reporting immediately in your system. Everything we do customer facing is done as your brand and every bit of data we capture is put directly into your CRM.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Sales Focus analyzed, helped develop and implemented selling processes that made an immediate positive impact to our sales Objectives. Within 90 days, Sales Focus was able to implement selling procedures that effectively increased our productivity this year! The sales team gained immediate benefits that will guide our organization into the future and will allow Horizon to continue its dominance in the Psychiatric Contract Management arena.

Horizon Health Behavioral Health Services

Sales Focus developed a tactical go-to-market plan that allowed TXU to quickly establish a presence in a newly targeted middle- market geography. They incorporated their processes and management tools into our organizational requirements that made the launch very successful. Time to market and scalability were essential to our success and Sales Focus delivered what they promised. Our Partnership with Sales Focus continues to expand.
Marketing Director

TXU Energy

With Sales Focus Inc. we were able to quickly develop our organization and have the sales team quickly on the street with their efforts immediately focused on generating revenue. Sales Focus was able to analyze our market and direct our sales efforts towards the most lucrative opportunities. Knowledge, process and focus were brought into our business from the very beginning of our engagement.

iJet Travel Intelligence (now WorldAware)

Sales Focus was able to quickly identify our needs and launch a sales team within 30 days to achieve our requirements. They incorporated their management program into our systems and delivered the results. Sales Focus brought the professional management and sales experience we needed.
General Manager

Sprint (now T-Mobile)

I appreciate all the hard work the Sales Focus team put into our partnership, particularly Kristina and Josh. We saw great results in terms of the volume of interactions, leads, webinar signups, and meetings set. I think there was a difficulty in setting meetings with the best individuals who were specifically interested in our platform, but that's a battle that everyone fights. We are moving on from our existing partnership because we're bringing these operations in-house moving forward, but we will keep Sales Focus in mind if our needs change.
Director of Business Development


Sales Focus’s vast network of contacts, seasoned sales force, and broad experience in the industry made them the natural choice to provide representation throughout North America.
Director of Tourism

Bermuda Department of Tourism

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