Becoming a Global Business is Within Your Reach

August 24, 2023
2 minutes to read
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The Opportunity

It is well known that one of the most effective ways of significantly expanding a company is by acquiring new clients, buying your competition, or expanding into new markets.  The opportunity to expand your global business into new markets on a global level has become much easier!

The Challenge

Your company may or may not have seriously considered expanding globally for numerous reasons due to cultural, language, or geopolitical differences, legal requirements, pre-conceptions, or concerns about “red tape,” to name just a few.

Or else, you may have not had the financial or human resources to expand …or not have known where to start.

The traditional direct export approach can work for companies who can afford to build expensive sales and marketing infrastructures and wait for up to several years in some cases to see profitable results.

But even with significant resources, it’s a difficult task, and success is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, many businesses need to grow their sales but cannot afford this direct approach.

The Solution

Sales Focus Inc (SFI) has partnered with companies across the globe to provide Sales and Marketing Outsourcing services in Europe, China, Africa, and South America.  Through the Sales Focus partner program, all our international partners have been certified and trained in the SFI – S.O.L.D.™ process and methodology.  We can provide your company with the following services;

  • Test marketing and sales process mapping, which favors a measured, sustainable Global market entry approach
  • Joint Sales and Marketing process validation and customization to selective markets
  • Market presence at a fraction of the price of installing direct sales and marketing resources
  • Product and Service experts who speak the language, live the culture and understand the rules


All SFI partners provide the selection, engagement, and management of integrated direct and indirect sales channels

  • Tried and tested techniques are used, which have been developed over many years in selective countries
  • The program is based on a highly disciplined process that focuses on results
  • It facilitates a full, integrated sales and marketing infrastructure, including direct and indirect channels

Program Benefits

  • Rapid market presence
  • Affordable market penetration
  • Potentially short-term ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Structured and disciplined sales infrastructure development
  • Time-based, tangible deliverables to which payments are linked

Sales Focus Inc can now implement our proven Sales Outsourcing Methodologies with market penetration across the globe.