Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing has been around for some time. Sales Focus Inc., a pioneer in sales outsourcing, has been around since 1997 and has helped small and big companies achieve their sales goals. You may be thinking now, “would sales outsourcing work for a Business-to-Business (B2B) company?” The answer to that is a resounding “yes!”  

What is B2B sales outsourcing?

Outsourcing sales is the practice of hiring a third party to handle your sales resources. This includes recruiting, training, payroll, insurance, incentives, equipment, and employee management of a sales team. When you outsource sales, your sales outsourcing provider handles all of these things and guides you through developing a sales strategy. 

The practice of sales outsourcing is more common among Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies. But Business-to-Business sales outsourcing is not that different from B2C sales outsourcing. The only difference between the two is the target market and how the sales team approaches the said market. 

How does B2B sales outsourcing work? With Sales Focus Inc., the process starts with studying your company’s current standing, needs, and goals. This is followed by the organization stage, where our sales experts work with you to develop a sales plan. SFI also starts the recruitment and training process. Once the sales plan and your dedicated sales team are set, we launch the sales campaign and implement the sales plan. Finally, you enter the directing phase where the team uses the data gathered to evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments. Sales outsourcing is an excellent tool for B2B companies to achieve their sales goals without shelling out large sums on a sales campaign.

Importance Of B2B Sales Outsourcing 

Many companies—B2B and B2C—hesitate with sales outsourcing because of the idea of losing control over the strategic direction of their company. However, that is not what sales outsourcing entails. Businesses need B2B sales outsourcing because they need the sales expertise and equipment that a provider like SFI can provide. How you harness SFI’s sales expertise and manpower is up to you. You may opt to have your outsourced sales team handle the day-to-day sales operations or only for lead conversion and omnichannel engagement. 

B2B sales outsourcing offers a lot of benefits for B2B companies, the most relevant of which is the access to sales expertise. These sales expertise can propel your company toward growth with data insights and creative ideas to ramp up your sales campaign and strategies. For many companies, the importance of B2B sales outsourcing is the return on investment. Investing in an in-house sales team comes with several risks, and success is not always guaranteed. Meanwhile, the opposite is true of B2B sales outsourcing. SFI guarantees that your dedicated sales team will meet their goals. SFI utilizes the latest technologies and the top sales experts to help you achieve your sales goals. 

Advantages Of B2B Sales Outsourcing

You must be wondering what are the so-called benefits of B2B sales outsourcing we keep talking about. Here they are:

1 – Lower Costs

Finding and retaining the right salespeople is a costly endeavor. Furthermore, you may not find the right fit for your company because of geographical and time constraints. With B2B sales outsourcing, you don’t need to invest a large amount of money toward a sales team. For a fraction of the costs of finding and maintaining a sales team, you can have a team of highly skilled salespeople and access to the latest sales and marketing technologies. 

2 – Access To The Latest Sales Technology

Sales is a complex field that requires intensive data that you can only gather through a wide range of technology. But what you may not be aware of is that not all industry leaders have these tools and technologies because they use the ones provided by their sales outsourcing partner. You, too, don’t need to invest in the latest sales technology—you simply need to invest in B2B sales outsourcing. SFI equips all their sales teams with the latest sales techniques to help them perform. 

3 – Flexibility

B2B companies also experience shifts in their directions and priorities. You may need your sales team to make adjustments with the strategies, or you may need to scale down or up. In such a case, an outsourced sales team is guaranteed to adapt quickly to any changes, including a need to scale up or down. SFI handles the recruitment process, so you don’t need to worry about hiring, training, or firing an employee. You can focus on making decisions that best suit your company’s needs.

4 – Focus On Your Responsibilities

An in-house sales team is another team for you to manage. Should you choose to have one, you are responsible for keeping them motivated, ensuring they reach their goals, and so on, which means that sales will eat up your time and resources. When you outsource sales, you can focus on your responsibilities and direct your resources toward product development and innovations to further drive you to become an industry leader.



Revenue growth and
new client acquisition


Reduced and controlled
cost of sales


Brand protection by using
dedicated full-time employees


Sales Intelligence – All
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How To Do It Right?

If you were hesitant about handing a core aspect of your business to a third party, then you are on the right path toward doing B2B sales outsourcing right. Sales are your company’s lifeline, so you should not entrust it to just anyone, nor should you do it haphazardly. 

If you want sales outsourcing to work for you, you need to choose the right B2B sales outsourcing partner. Sales Focus Inc. follows a process-driven method (SOLD ™) to ensure that the sales strategy and sales team we provide is the right one for your company. 

We want to set you up for success, so we work closely with each company in understanding where they are standing, what their goals are, and what their expectations are. Knowing what you want is the first step toward a successful sales strategy. The rest of it is up to the top sales team we assign to you.

Tips For Choosing The Right B2B Sales Experts 

As explained earlier, B2B sales outsourcing does not necessarily mean handing over the key to your company to the third-party provider. However, when you hire a B2B sales outsourcing partner, you will be entrusting them with a significant responsibility that will significantly affect your company. As such, it is imperative to choose your B2B sales experts carefully. 

1 – Choose A Provider With Significant Experience

Choose a B2B sales outsourcing provider with years of experience working with various B2B companies. You can trust that this provider has years of knowledge rooted in experience that will surely influence their insights and decisions. 

2 – Choose A Provider With High Standards

You don’t want just anyone working for your company, so your provider should exercise the same level of meticulousness when selecting sales experts. Likewise, they should maintain a high quality of work through evaluations and constant learning. 

3 – Choose A Provider That Protects Your Brand

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in B2B companies. You need to make sure that the sales experts assigned to you are trustworthy and professional. The B2B sales outsourcing provider should have put in place practices that ensure the safety of your company’s and your clients’ data.

Sales Focus Inc. can guarantee all these things. We, too, engage in B2B sales, so we understand these concerns and considerations.


Sales Focus Inc. offers top-notch B2B sales solutions. With our sales expertise and more than 20 years of experience as an industry leader, you can exceed your sales goals in no time. 

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