Case Study

Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

Industry: IT/Cybersecurity

Client Description

Comodo Provides a Cybersecurity platform that enables customers to protect their systems and
data against even military-grade threats, including zero-day attacks. Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Comodo Cyber security has a 20-year history of protecting the most sensitive data for both businesses and consumers globally.

Customer Requirements

In a world where the threat of cyberattacks is ever-evolving, Comodo Cybersecurity delivers a unique and innovative cybersecurity platform which renders such threats as useless across local, web and cloud networks. Comodo approached Sales Focus with the goal of getting their end point security software to market with speed so as to not miss an opportunity to increase brand identity, market share and revenue.

SFI Solutions

With speed being of paramount importance, Sales Focus was contracted to develop and launch a team of four fully trained sale’s professionals in less than 30 days.


The Sales Focus team met and exceeded their goal of getting to market quickly. Soon after, with immediate results being reported, Comodo contracted Sales Focus to increase the existing team from 4 sales representatives to 60 within a three month period.


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