Case Study


Industry: Retail – Mobile Communication - IT

Client Description

Sears a national staple in consumer products and services and PureTalk, a mobile communication company teamed to offer in store consumers a mobile phone solution that was affordable to all shoppers. In collaboration with the Sears, Shop Your Way program, PureTalk developed a consumer mobile communications model to roll out across the US.

Customer Requirements

Within 30 days, customer required a sales team in 15 regions, totaling over 180 people across the US.

SFI Solutions

Immediately SFI deployed our S.O.L.D process too quickly and efficiently build the sales teams in record time across the US. SFI develop a model to recruit, perform background checks, train and deploy the sales agents in a timely fashion to achieve the goals of the client.


SFI hired, trained and managed teams of 180 sales executives in multiple territories that successfully launched PureTalk product directly into the Sears stores. SFI was able to effectively achieve the financial goal of PureTalk while working with the Sears environment and promoting the Shop Your Way program.


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