Case Study

SoftDev Incorporated

Industry: Software/IT Development

Client Description

The Client is a software company that provides end-to-end software development services Web, Mobile, Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and RPA solutions, and has significant experience in Logistics, Supply Chain, Fintech, Edutech & E-Commerce.

Customer Requirements

Implemented outbound multi-channel multi-touch campaign activities that delivered opportunities for the client to engage new sets of target buyers and drive new client acquisition and revenue growth.

SFI Solutions

The Client aims to provide a much progressive range of quality skills and services to fully facilitate end-to-end solutions for their customers’ different IT needs.

Initially, they planned out a marketing scheme that would utilize their in-house system but eventually decided on outsourcing after seeing how fast and intense the market competition has become and how limited their resources are. Although decisions to outsource were set in stone, the whole scheme was not completed until they had picked the best lead full life cycle sales outsourcing partner who can fully address their needs.


In the first 7 months of the program, the campaign was able to generate 144 meeting qualified leads which resulted in 97 sales demo appointments – a 67% conversion.


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