International Sales Consulting

Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) possesses unrivaled sales expertise. We can help businesses of any size, industry and geographic location break into new markets and expand their reach.

Consulting for International Businesses Seeking US Sales

If your international business needs room to grow, the American market may provide fertile ground. Consulting with SFI ensures your business has the knowledge and resources you need to launch into foreign territory.

Our sales experts prepare your sales and management teams for international sales success by:

  • Educating your sales professionals on American culture and best practices for effective sales
  • Identifying ideal geographic locations within the US to begin your international sales initiative
  • Creating an executable strategy to reach American buyers

SFI can also provide your US-bases sales team, sparing your business the cost of developing the infrastructure required to support international sales.

Consulting for American Businesses Seeking Sales Abroad

SFI’s sales experts have extensive experience with sales around the globe. We can help your US company launch sales in new international markets.

Consulting with SFI will ensure you have the sales intelligence you need to:

  • Identify new markets/geographic locations ideally suited to your industry and products/services
  • Effectively sell your products/services to consumers from diverse cultures
  • Comply with regulations abroad governing your industry and international sales activities
  • Minimize cost and time to market of your international sales launch

SFI also has contacts around the world who may help you establish operations and develop a local sales team in your targeted international locations.

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