Outside Sales

Sales Focus Inc. is a sales outsourcing company that focuses strictly on developing dedicated sales teams for clients. Sales Focus Inc. will incorporate our extensive business management consulting and executive sales and marketing experience into a solution that reduces the risk for our clients. Our dedicated outside sales teams excel in client acquisition in the SMB marketplace through well managed feet-on–the-street, face-to-face and business-to-business sales teams, while offering our clients cost containment and profit enhancement solutions.

The Sales Focus Management Team Will Perform The Following Services For Each Client:

  • Design a sales plan aligned with corporate goals.
  • Develop a clear sales message
  • Define your Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
  • Develop internal sales processes
  • Develop lead generation initiatives
  • Develop sales tracking and management tools
  • Develop scripting, rebuttals and value propositions.
  • Perform Daily Performance Analysis
  • Provide Weekly Detailed Reports


The inside dedicated sales teams are dedicated to developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships for clients and their new customer acquisitions. With many programs and teams under one roof, the reps have the ability to learn from other reps/programs which is an invaluable asset companies do not have access too.
– Program Manager / Inside Sales Division,
Sales Focus, Inc.




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