Sales Focus, Inc. Celebrates Success with Opening of New Office in Maryland Area on 23rd Anniversary

News & Updates, Press Releases - 14th Jan 2021
New Facility Reinforces Innovative Culture and Growth

New Facility Reinforces Innovative Culture and Growth

Columbia, MD- January 14, 2021– Sales Focus, Inc. a global leader in Sales Outsourcing has announced the opening of a new office in Columbia, Maryland.  The new, state of the art office space represents 80% increase in capacity, providing much-needed space to further expand their outsourced inside sales programs.  “Our focus in 2020 was to grow our inside sales programs and while the pandemic has been very difficult for all businesses, our business model has allowed us to help companies get back on their feet, providing dedicated sales teams on the inside”, states Jon Higley, Director of Operations. 

This year, Sales Focus Inc. celebrates 23 years of being the top sales outsourcing company in the United States.  SFI has been developing innovative sales solutions for companies of every size, Fortune 500 to startup companies in US and Internationally.   Their commitment to their clients is focused on immediate revenue generation, brand protection, sales intelligence and reduced cost of sale.

Tony Horwath, founder and CEO of Sales Focus, Inc. commented at the ribbon cutting ceremony, “Moving into a new office allowed SFI to accommodate our continuing growth. We expanded by over 50% in 2020 and expect the same growth results in 2021. The new office allows all support staff to work together and provide better communication with our clients.” 

The new space is an achievement of the innovative culture of Sales Focus, Inc. and its employees. This state-of-the-art facility features the latest in office technology and will provide an environment where teams are able to collaborate with colleagues and clients alike to focus on what SFI does best: new client acquisition and revenue growth.  Sales Focus, Inc. strives to provide a great place to work and is excited for the results that this expanded space will enable.

Sales Focus Inc. 

Sales Focus, Inc. (SFI) is the pioneer in the sales outsourcing industry. “Since 1998, we have developed, implemented and managed hundreds of successful sales and marketing campaigns based on our one foundational principle—improve our clients’ revenue performance quickly. SFI delivers improved sales performance fast. And that’s more than a promise. It’s a guarantee”, said Tony Horwath.

Sales Focus Inc. utilizes its proven S.O.L.D.™ methodology to build a sales plan, implement the plan and manage inside sales or feet-on-the-street sales teams that excel in client acquisition in any marketplace.

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