Do You Need Sales Operations Outsourcing?

October 2, 2023
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To continually improve sales performance, your company may need more than just more sales agents and sales leaders with sparkling resumes. You may need to add technical data-driven capabilities, which require sales operations outsourcing.

What Sales Operations Can Do

Sales operations support the sales force by providing:

  • Metrics on past and current sales performance
  • Insights from market research
  • Technical support, particularly with customer relations management platforms
  • Agent and product training
  • Incentive program development

Sales operations may be the team behind developing sales systems and processes—i.e., the set of practices that streamlines both the salesperson’s activities and the customer’s purchase process to reduce time spent selling and increase average sale value.

When You May Need Sales Operations

The interplay between sales leadership/management and sales operations can make it difficult to distinguish one from another. The same person or group may perform sales operations functions in small organizations. But, if you want your organization to grow, you will likely need sales operations to enable higher volume and higher value sales.

Some sales industry leaders suggest a dollar value—around $1 million in recurring sales revenue—as a benchmark for when you need to expand. However, every company is different. Even if you cannot afford a dedicated sales operations director, let alone a team, you cannot afford not to introduce the skills and insights operations bring into your existing sales organization.

Outsourced Sales that Come with Built-in Sales Operations

If you thought recruiting and training your sales team was challenging, try finding the expertise you need to launch sales operations. While sales operations allow your sales force to focus on selling and managers on leading, finding the right people for the job can take you away from yours for months. Or, you can choose Sales Focus Inc. for sales outsourcing. SFI provides more than sales team development. We provide the sales operations you need to generate winning sales strategies, implement the most effective CRM and sales tool software, develop customized training programs, etc. Our S.O.L.D.™ process works to quickly establish the systems and sales force your company needs for fast and sustainable results.