Choosing the Right Outsource Sales Company

When you are looking for an outsource sales company, look no further than Sales Focus Inc. (SFI). We are the sales outsourcing industry pioneers, and our longevity speaks to our success.

SFI Has What You Should Be Looking For

There are dozens of sales outsourcing companies you may choose. But to select the company that will deliver the best results, look for:


The outsource sales company you choose should have experience developing a sales team suited to your industry and niche market.

SFI has more than two decades of experience building high-performance sales teams for businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors.


You need an outsource sales company that does not waste time reinventing the wheel or apply a one-size-fits-all approach to your sales team development.

SFI implements our S.O.L.D.™ process to effectively and efficiently:

      • Get to know your company and what makes your brand unique
      • Identify your ideal clients and target markets
      • Create a sales plan that outlines strategies, benchmarks and motivating compensation structure
      • Recruit and on-board sales agents ideally suited to your organization

Our process-driven approach allows us to customize your sales plan and training program and have your sales team field-ready in less than two months.


The outsource sales company you choose should be able to demonstrate its ability to get results—more leads, more sales.

SFI would not have lasted as long in the industry if we were unable to achieve results. We have stood the test of time because we have helped our clients launch new products, expand into new markets, improve sales performance and lower the cost of client acquisition.

Make SFI Your Outsource Sales Company

Make our experience and process-driven approach work for you. Contact SFI to schedule an initial consultation.

Sales Focus Inc. is the outsource sales company you need for immediate and sustainable sales. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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