Understanding Outsourced Marketing and Sales

August 28, 2023
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how to outsource sales for my company
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As the owner of a growing business, there are certainly some things you can benefit from. One of which is having a little help from third-party partners who can give you a boost in terms of reach and visibility. Marketing and sales are two core activities no business can’t live without, as they assure your company’s continued profit growth. What these two do is bridge the gap between you and your customers–the people who will decide whether or not you will stay in business.

Not everyone can fit into the sales and marketing staff as it requires years of technological know-how and tons of creativity. Without staff and marketers in your whole ecosystem, how will the company survive? This is where an outsourced team comes in. Instead of employing a dedicated group of professionals in-house or asking your existing employees to wear multiple hats, outsourcing your sales and marketing talents allows you to attract and maintain a sales force without ever having to make them part-time or even full-time employees. 

The thing you’re probably going to ask is if you could trust a third-party provider for such crucial tasks. 

There are quite a few reasons to do so:

      1. Less Effort – On your and your business’ part, having an outsourced sales team creates the space you need to operate at a greater capacity and plan for your future growth as you and your in-house employees wouldn’t have to worry about understanding sales and marketing strategies.
        With a partner that is solely focused on accelerating sales and marketing efforts to support your revenue goals, you can direct your focus on strategic initiatives rather than having to set aside time strategizing about how you can reach your audience. You and your in-house employees can then keep your eye on delivering quality products and services.
        Furthermore, suppose you already have an in-house team dedicated to closing deals. Outsourcing sales and marketing gives them more time to deliver results instead of spending too much time looking for new prospects and trying to get through them. In that case, they get opportunities to close potential deals.
      2. Low Costs – One of the best reasons to get an outsourced sales and marketing team is the relatively lower costs that you will enjoy. No matter how small your company is, you cannot expect just one person to take on all sales and marketing functions.
        The process of sales and marketing includes tasks such as mailing campaigns, ideating and executing marketing collateral, customer relationships, and let’s not forget the actual act of selling to customers as well as establishing customer retention programs. It’s a lot of work and you know what they say, two heads are better than one. In this case, you’ll need multiple heads.
        Hiring an entire sales and marketing team in-house is not ideal for your payroll. With an outsourced sales and marketing team, you wouldn’t have to worry about vacation benefits, health benefits, and training.
        With how fast-paced the world is right now, falling behind and missing crucial deadlines can make a dent in your company’s profits.
      3. Low Risk – Outsourcing sales and marketing can guarantee you an experienced and reliable team that you won’t have to onboard and train.
        If you already have a sales and marketing department that wants to add a new skill set but you can’t afford to add to your overhead expenses, an outsourced team can give you the workforce and skills you need, whenever you need it. Plus, you wouldn’t have to pay too much for it.
        Outsourcing sales and marketing gives you access to a host of professionals who can start straight away.
      4. Saves Time – With an outsourced sales and marketing team in place, you will save a lot of precious time. As a business owner, you are already handling so many things all at once.
        Think about it. If you don’t have to keep looking after your sales and marketing team, you can focus more on networking, developing a new product or service, identifying a new sector to tap into, and so much more.
        Sales for outsourcing reassures you that the work will be done on time with the utmost care and stays on budget by experts.
      5. Stability – The landscape is getting more and more competitive. With this, you will have to consider the possibility that the competition will recruit the sales and marketing talents you’ve hired in-house. This can significantly impair your organization, especially if those who are leaving are the assets to your sales and marketing team.
        Furthermore, sales and marketing teams are not always unified. However, when you outsource these two, you will be collaborating with an organization that shares the same goals as you–putting deals into your sales funnel
      6. Expertise – Aside from the practical aspect of hiring an outsourced sales and marketing team, there’s also the talent and expertise part that you should significantly consider. These are professionals who are used to doing the tasks that you will require as they have done this so many times before.
        They already have a wealth of knowledge and experience to perform at an optimal level. Furthermore, since they are specialists in their field, outsourced sales, and marketing teams bring fresh ideas and insights to the table that many in-house teams may not be exposed to within their organizations.
        When it comes to sales and marketing, sticking to the same ideas and strategies that might have worked before limits your business’ potential.
        External partners are more likely to have learned to identify core problems and how to resolve them. With a fresh perspective on your business, they can offer new ideas for innovating your sales and marketing strategies and efforts.
      7. Growth – Rather than building your team from the bottom line, you are more likely to hit your goals faster and steadier if you have access to a pool of talent and expertise.
        Startups and small businesses tend to be notoriously underfunded and understaffed. With an outsourced sales and marketing team, they have the skillset and experience to quickly put together and execute successful strategies and plans to enable faster growth.
        What’s more, outsourcing can focus on developing specific geographic markets that you may have missed. The team will do this by testing out new approaches to sales and product positioning. As this process continues, advanced analytics can help fine-tune your sales and marketing, further extending your business to a broader base of customers and prospects.

Your outsourced sales and marketing team might also be equipped with customer data and analytics that can help you create statistical models. These models can be used to develop an effective touch cadence throughout the customer lifecycle. Outsourcing is a big decision for any business owner. It is a commitment, but it’s worth taking, especially if the benefits listed above far outweigh employing an individual or an entire in-house team.


Coordinating with an outsourced team takes a lot of careful planning so that everyone can align with where your company currently is and where you want to take it. However, once everything has cleared out, you’ll get the benefit of having an agile and efficient team that delivers targeted results