The Benefits of Outsourcing Sales for Your Startup

August 28, 2023
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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Sales for Your Startup
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The market is saturated with brands vying for the same consumers. In a cutthroat market, making do with your sales is not acceptable. Having an outsourced sales force will help your startup put up a fight against corporate giants in your industry. For startups, the need to generate sales is tied to their ability to produce their products and, thus, the company’s continuity. Read further to learn the benefits of outsourcing sales.

What Is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party to serve as your sales force. Outsourced sales allow startup companies to access skilled salespeople and other sales experts to help drive revenue. Outsourced sales for a startup is a cost-effective way to overcome technological and budget constraints and ramp up your sales.

Sales outsourcing is a relatively new industry that was established in 1997. However, although the image evoked by sales outsourcing is of call centers from developing countries with practically zero understanding of the businesses they handle, Fortune 500 companies trust this practice.

Sales outsourcing involves developing specific sales training tailored to each client’s type of sales, approach, and process. Outsourcing sales force with Sales Focus Inc. ensures success in driving revenue as each team member is deployed only after gaining substantial knowledge of your brand, products, and processes. This training does not stop once the team is deployed—training continues side-by-side with performance measurements to ensure continued success for your startup.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Outsourcing Sales

You must already be considering whether outsourcing sales is the right choice for your startup. After all, it is another investment, albeit a less costly one. Large companies outsource sales, and it has been proven to be effective for them. But is the same true for startups? Here are a few things to ask yourself before making the dive.

1. Do you have in-house talent?

Most startups are composed of talented engineers and UI designers who can create the most coveted new product, but do they have the same aptitude in sales and marketing? An in-house talent in sales is someone who is dedicated to developing and implementing a sales strategy for your startup. They also have the expertise to increase your sales.

2. Can you do sales yourself?

If you have expertise in sales, you can consider yourself the in-house talent in sales. If not, you could always take the time to learn the ropes. However, the question is whether you have the time to understand sales and, more importantly, to make sales amid all the demands of managing a startup. As it is, you probably have a lot on your hands, and taking on sales may force you to spread yourself too thin.

3. Do you have the funds to hire a full-time salesperson?

Hiring a full-time salesperson is time-consuming and expensive. This includes recruitment, onboarding and training, salary, and benefits. These costs could even triple if you hire someone who does not fit your organization. Outsourcing sales can make this process cost-effective and seamless. And since outsourced sales teams work remotely, you don’t even have to worry about setting up a place for them in your office.

4. Do you have the time to manage a salesperson or team?

Although a sales person ideally works on their own, it is unrealistic to think that they can go unsupervised. There still has to be some form of supervision on your salesperson, no matter how qualified they are. Hiring a salesperson means sales remain on your plate to manage. In contrast, when you outsource sales, you only need to worry about the results.

Outsourcing sales for startups is a great resource that will enable you to maximize your time and push your company to great heights. It is a time-saving and budget-friendly solution to your startup’s sales needs. Entrusting Sales Focus Inc. with your sales means you get growth and profit without investing in infrastructure, training, and management traditionally needed for sales.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Sales For Your Startup?

Sales is a multi-faceted field with highly technical aspects. Sales require more than knowing a product and being persuasive nowadays. With so much knowledge at their fingertips, customers are more meticulous now with the brands they trust, and even the most brilliant startups need a boost from technology and sales experts. But let us talk about the tangible benefits that can be brought by outsourced sales for a startup.

1. Helps You Target New Or Underserved Markets

As a startup company, you would benefit from covering different market territories besides your niche demographic. You are probably losing numerous business leads because of a lack of sales resources. You can tap into new and underserved markets through a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy when you have the support of an outsourced sales team.

2. Lower The Cost Of Sales

The cost of sales includes the cost of recruitment, training, and salary of a salesperson, as well as investment in technologies for data analytics and other sales tools. These are all costly investments with no guaranteed returns for a startup. But with an outsourced sales team, you only need to invest in choosing and hiring the right sales outsourcing company. The cost of sales outsourcing covers startup fees ($1,950-$10,000 depending on the size of the sales team), monthly fees ($4,650-$5,850 per sales agent, inclusive of salary, insurance, taxes, all benefits, facility, management, operation oversight, and all HR expenses), and incentive fees. These costs are 20 to 30% less expensive than hiring in-house talent.

3. Provides Greater Accountability, Analysis, And Better Performance Management

Part of the benefit of hiring an outsourced sales team is having a dedicated sales team that can pivot as needed to ensure your company’s success. As your partner, Sales Focus Inc. is committed to your success. Aside from intense training, and zero-tolerance for unethical and unprofessional behavior, we also measure KPIs and implement continuous training and improvement of each member. Our Performance Guarantee ensures that you achieve your goals or otherwise receive credit for some monthly fees.

4. Improves Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Outsourced sales teams come into your company already experts at various digital channels and omnichannel customer engagement. You can ramp up your customers’ lifecycle through personalized, connected interactions. With an outsourced sales team’s proven skills in omnichannel customer engagement, you will find higher conversion rates and fewer frustrated clients.

5. Arms You With Data Insights To Help Increase Revenue

Your outsourced sales team is also equipped with a data insights platform that will help you identify prospects and the best customers and gather data to inform your business and marketing decisions. You can have access to these insights without investing in such platforms. Leverage these insights to increase your startup’s profits and revenue.


Outsourced sales for a startup offer plenty of benefits with minimal risks. Aside from lower sales, startups reap the benefits of having a professional sales team and the latest sales technology. Aim for growth with Sales Focus Inc.