What is an Outsourced Sales Agency?

Sales Outsourcing - 04th Aug 2020
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What is Sales Outsourcing? 

It is the transfer or development of sales resources, including all overhead expenses, such as recruiting, payroll, insurance, commission management, equipment, training, including the management responsibilities to an outside organization.  The outside organization, the outsourcing provider, has the responsibility to manage the sales team to meet corporate expectations and achieve results.

What is causing an increase in demand for Sales Outsourcing?  

“Sales Expertise” – Many organizations are launched by engineers, financial or operations type professionals.  They are able to grow a business to a certain level based on their expertise, but in order to achieve their next level of growth they need to look outside of the organization to find sales & marketing guidance and direction.  

“Keeping a Focus” – Many large organizations have existing sales teams in place.  If you put too large of a burden on your existing sales team with new products, new geographies or new targets, they will lose their focus!  Using an alternative channel, such as a sales outsourcing organization allows a focused sales effort on a particular market segment or product.

“Tactical Revenue Generation” – Sales Focus’ Sales Outsourcing solutions, range from advisory services to inside and outside sales teams focused on developing Tactical Revenue Plans that will help companies achieve the next level of growth quickly.  

“Cost of Sales” – If an organization looks at the true cost of building, supporting and managing a sales force they would be surprised.  Many companies can’t tell you what the true “cost of sales” really is.  Sales Outsourcing offers clients a “fixed” cost of sales solution.   Sales needs support including management, recruiting, training, marketing, commission management, etc. The average cost of sales outsourcing is lower than developing your own sales team because we bring the support team with us!

“Speed to Market” – Another factor is time to market, it’s much quicker for an outsourcing provider to have a well-trained and managed sales team out the door making and closing business than to organically grow a team.  Outsourcing providers are constantly recruiting and have Sales processes in place and can produce results with “feet on the street” in 45 days or less.

How to Hire an Outsourced Sales Agency?

Sales Outsourcing is still a growing industry that is becoming more and more crowded with new competitors.  It’s important to verify that the organization has had success in the development and launch of several sales teams.  The Sales Outsourcing provider should have a clear understanding of vertical industries and the knowledge of differentiating between selling products and services.  

They must also possess strong sales organization development capabilities and have their sales processes well documented along with a solid launch process to get the team moving quickly.

In today’s super competitive environment, building a successful sales force depends on a partnership mentality between the company and the provider.

The Business Owner should expect;

  • Rapid Market Share Acquisition
  • Exclusive Representation of Product or Service
  • Fixed Cost of Sales
  • Flexibility of Sales Staff
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Manageable Service Level Agreements
  • Quality Sales Professionals
  • Documented Sales Processes
  • Predictable Forecasting Tools

On the other side of the table, the employer has a responsibility to provide the tools and support necessary to give a motivated and talented sales team the means to turn their hard work into results.  The common denominator among successful companies is that they are process-driven and always FOCUSED ON SUCCESS!

Hire an Outsourced Sales Agency like Sales Focus

Every business owner or corporation has the desire and requirement to expand and grow their customer base.  Everyone organization has a focus on new client acquisition and increase in annual revenues.  Most companies have some sales team, maybe 1 or two people or it’s the owner of a small business or a large organization may have 1,000’s of sales people across the globe, all types of business can utilize a sales outsourcing solution.

For small companies we can become the entire sales force, while allowing the management team to focus on delivery and operations.  Many small companies struggle with the rollercoaster effect, focus on short term rewards and forget about building pipelines for long term success.  Our model is on short term revenue with long development so the business can continue to prosper and grow.  Many small businesses hit plateau because they lose focus on development, we eliminate this problem.

Large organizations need Sales Focus Intelligent Outsourcing Solutions for the small-medium business (SMB) acquisition.  Our focus for large companies is to take over or supplement their existing teams and focus on the transactional sale of the SMB sector.  We can launch a team across the US in less than 45 days, whereby it could take a company month to accomplish this task.  Our experienced sales team will focus on areas of expansion; new territories, new product launches, test programs and many other solutions that can build an immediate business unit that can be utilized or acquired for future expansion.

Outsourced Sales Agency Services

How do you differentiate your products and services in a global economy where you need excellent product/service packages and very competitive pricing just to be in the game? 

Product and service differentiation is short lived, can be easily copied, and very few organizations enjoy the type of ‘Economies of Scale” where they can afford to compete on price alone. Today’s buyers are much better educated and with the aid of the internet can easily identify numerous suppliers around the world. 

These same buyers are also looking for value-added business relationships and vendor partnerships. This is why simple product/service solutions or features, advantages, and benefits selling systems are no longer enough to help you win and keep clients. 

To compete and win in today’s market place you need a selling organization that can identify business solutions that will support your buyer’s business needs, requirements and opportunities. This type of approach requires an organizational selling system, and a sales team with advanced consultative selling skills.

Characteristics of High-Performance Sales Focus Intelligent Sales Outsourcing Solutions

  • A Compelling Vision for The Future
  • Organizational Alignment and Communication 
  • Managed Sales Processes and Service Delivery Systems
  • A Common Sales Skills Toolkit and Language
  • Effective Sales Talent Acquisition, Development, and Retention Programs
  • Targeted Sales Metrics
  • A Vertically Integrated System for Adapting to Changing Market Conditions and Capitalizing on New Market Opportunities

Find out how to launch your Information Technology Outsourced Sales Team in 45 days or less