Sales Tips - 17th Aug 2016

Does your sales force have what it takes to compete and win in today’s highly competitive markets?

How do you differentiate your products and services in a global economy where you need excellent product/service packages and very competitive pricing just to be in the game?

Product and service differentiation is short lived, can be easily copied, and very few organizations enjoy the type of ‘Economies of Scale” where they can afford to compete on price alone. Today’s buyers are much better educated and with the aid of the internet can easily identify numerous suppliers around the world.

These same buyers are also looking for value-added business relationships and vendor partnerships. This is why simple product/service solutions or features, advantages, and benefits selling systems are no longer enough to help you win and keep clients.

To compete and win in today’s market place you need a selling organization that can identify business solutions that will support your buyer’s business needs, requirements and opportunities. This type of approach requires an organizational selling system, and a sales team with advanced consultative selling skills.

Characteristics of High Performance Sales Organizations

  • A Compelling Vision For The Future
  • Organizational Alignment and Communication
  • Managed Sales Processes and Service Delivery Systems
  • A Common Sales Skills Toolkit and Language
  • Effective Sales Talent Acquisition, Development, and Retention Programs
  • Targeted Sales Metrics
  • A Vertically Integrated System for Adapting to Changing Market Conditions and Capitalizing on New Market Opportunities

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