4 Ways Outsourcing Inside Sales Can Boost Your Business

Sales Outsourcing - 23rd May 2017

When it comes to sales, it can be difficult to determine whether inside or outside sales will bring in more revenue. While there are certainly benefits and drawbacks to both sales models, it’s important to consider costs as well. B2B sales outsourcing is a great way to increase sales and reduce costs. A company can save an average of 60% in operations costs with an outsourced individual. Here are just a few of the basic benefits of outsourced inside sales.

    1. Savings
      An experienced inside sales professional isn’t always affordable — the cost of base salaries, bonuses, and benefits can really add up quickly, and that doesn’t even factor in the expenses of sales equipment such as computers, phones, and other software. Simply put, it’s a major investment. By building a sales organization using an outsourced sales force, your business can save on all of these costs. A cost-efficient business is a successful business.


    1. Experience
      Sales team outsourcing provides clients with a level of insider knowledge that will help them conduct business. There are many sales consulting services that specialize in specific technical markets and have years of experience working with clients in almost identical industries. This allows them to develop certain guidelines that will ensure that their time is spent as efficiently as possible, maximizing sales and minimizing costs.


    1. Versatility
      Most businesses fluctuate in sales throughout the year, depending on the season. This means it may not make financial sense to employ a full sales team year round. Outsourced inside sales are a perfect way to prevent the need for constant hiring and unnecessary turnover. Outsourcing eliminates the possibility of needing to read through hundreds of resumes and applications and conduct countless interviews — not to mention the level of training needed by new employees to properly handle the job.


  1. Time Management
    By outsourcing inside sales, businesses can focus on their core values — what makes them a business. They have the opportunity to spend more time honing their craft, whether it’s a product or a service. Outsourcing also prevents the need for sales team recruiting, hiring, training, and managing. It’s much easier and more efficient to pay one amount and be virtually guaranteed successful sales while working on company improvement at the same time.

Ultimately, each company has its own set of specific and unique sales needs, and it’s important to explore all options before committing to one. For more information on outsourced inside sales, contact Sales Focus Inc.

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