Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: Which Is Best for Your Business?

November 23, 2023
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inside sales vs outside sales
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Consider each department of your business as a limb of the corporate body. Each is important to the life of the company. Sales, in particular, are critical to the business’s success. A product may be the greatest of its time. It may be innovative, sleek, and wonderful, but its significance is reduced to failure if your business cannot sell the product. Therefore, it’s key not only to determine where your sales department stands but also to determine which sales process is best for your company’s vision. When it comes to inside sales vs. outside sales, there are several things you want to consider. Each sales process can succeed if used in the correct business model. Sometimes, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and some companies could benefit from utilizing both processes. Keep reading to learn the difference between the two and why one sales model may be better for your business than another.

The Difference Between Inside Sales and Outside Sales

What is Inside Sales?

Inside sales can sometimes go by several names, including remote and virtual sales. This is because the salesperson never meets their prospects or customers in person. An inside sales professional does their job by phone, email, or video message.

What is Outside Sales?

Outside sales are also commonly known as field sales. It is a sales process where a salesperson sells products and services by physically going out into the field to meet prospective customers face-to-face. This can include going door-to-door, business-to-business, or scheduled meetings. Outside salespeople still use technology, but it is not their primary way of meeting with their prospects and clients.

Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: Which Is Best For My Business?

When to Choose Inside Sales

Inside sales are typically a favorite among small businesses because they reduce the cost of sales between 40% and 90% compared to outside sales. This is because inside sales representatives can do outreach anywhere in the world from one location.

While all businesses must be careful where they invest their money, small businesses are particularly vulnerable economically because they have less capital to fall on if they enter a rough patch. Therefore, inside sales solutions may be a better choice for marketing for smaller businesses because it allows them to expand their business outside of their area and gain traffic without needing to procure additional travel expenses.

Additionally, inside sales and sales consulting may be an automatic business venture if you’re an online marketing firm. Those utilizing graphic design and email advertisements for their marketing are online already. Therefore, using inside sales to sell your product or service may seem like a natural choice.

When to Choose Outside Sales

While it is cheaper to remotely use the phone and Internet to reach potential clients and consumers, outside sales can provide your business with two crucial things: demographics and humanization.

When selling within a specific market, outside sales are often the better and more obvious choice. If your sales are centralized in one location, sending outside sales representatives out in the field to sell your product or service face-to-face with the prospect or client is much easier.

Systems and surveys can be used to find the typical demographics of a business’s audience. However, an outside salesperson can actually see their company’s audience and, therefore, can adapt themselves accordingly.

Online consumers have adapted to online marketing and are swift to click away from advertisements that get in the way of their entertainment and knowledge. To them, your business is just another piece of spam unless it properly catches their attention. Not only must your marketing efforts catch their attention, but they must also invoke an emotional reaction. Only then will a conversation be started between your business and the consumer.

With outside sales, your business has the face of your salesperson. The consumer doesn’t see your company as spam any longer; they see your company as human and real. Your potential consumer is, therefore, less likely to ignore your sales and more likely to listen and engage in conversation regarding the product.

outside sales vs inside sales

Let a Sales Expert Help You Decide

In the end, no sales force is better than the other. It all comes down to your business’s style and sales representatives. It’s not always cut and dry, which is the best option. If you are struggling with your sales process, outsourcing your sales department might be the best idea. A sales outsourcing company like Sales Focus Inc. has the expertise and resources to help your business make the best sales decisions to increase revenue, get sales support and get new client acquisition.