4 Ridiculous Myths About Lead Generation You Need To Stop Believing

lead generationWhen it comes to lead generation, many people don’t quite understand what it is or what it truly means. And despite the fact that Business2Community reports that outside sales reps are able to convert prospects into clients 40% of the time on average (compared to 18% by inside sales reps), it’s hard for any company to make sales without successfully and consistently generating leads. To do this effectively, here are some common myths about lead generation that could be slowing you down.

    1. Myth: Assuming that leads equal money
      Many professionals in business assume that generating leads always leads to money, and they go for quantity over quality. Of course, the real key is to focus on generating quality leads, sometimes known as sales qualified leads (SQL). Leads that even the best sales team can’t convert won’t help your business grow. Make sure there’s constant communication between your marketing team and sales team to improve the quality of your leads. This is especially important if you have outsourced inside sales.


    1. Myth: New leads are more important than returning business
      According to Instapage, “returning customers are who you should be focusing your attention on if you want your business to be more profitable. According to research, they’re Click to read more →

Inside vs Outside Sales: Which Works Best For Your Business?

contract sales force

Consider each department of a business as a limb on the corporate body. Each is important to the life of the company. Sales, in particular, is critical to the business’ success.

A product may be the greatest of its time. It may be innovative, sleek, and wonderful. But if your business is unable to sell the product its significance is reduced to failure. Therefore, it’s key not only to determine where your sales department stands but also to determine what kind of sales work best with the vision of your company.

Inside sales
Inside sale services are defined as the selling of products over the phone and the Internet. Inside sales are typically a favorite among small businesses because they reduce the cost of sales anywhere between 40 and 90% compared to outside field sales.

While all businesses need to be careful where they invest their money, small businesses are particularly vulnerable economically Click to read more →