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The sales executives at Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) have decades of experience developing, deploying and managing sales teams and campaigns for businesses across industry sectors. We have helped hundreds of clients increase their revenue and create sustainable sales through customized solutions. We don’t mind sharing some of our expertise at no charge.

In our experience, there are three key factors driving your sales success—intentionality, authenticity and focus on your customers’ needs.

Be Intentional

Although closing a deal may sometimes feel like luck, there is nothing coincidental or accidental about top sales performance. It takes planning and commitment to acquire new leads and close sales.

Where we see many companies fall short is their lack of intention—they have no clearly defined goals or focus when building a sales team, developing a sales process or launching a new product or service.

Our sales consultants keep your management team on task and target by helping you clarify your intentions for your sales department. We ask pointed questions and make keen observations that help us identify problem areas and then work with your management team to get answers that align with your company’s core values, mission and vision.

Be Authentic

Your prospects may be searching for the products or services you offer, but no one likes to be sold to. And they like even less being sold to by someone they are convinced is just telling them what they want to hear.

The key to successful sales, then, is building a rapport with your leads and nurturing a relationship based on honesty and respect. And this relationship must be maintained after the sale is complete.

Your sales team should have a genuine, customer-focused engagement strategy in place to foster consumer confidence and build brand loyalty throughout the buying cycle.

Be the Solution

Your potential consumers are not looking for products and services so much as they are looking for solutions to their problems. What are those? Your sales team needs to listen to find out.

Train your sales team to ask more questions and listen more than they talk. Use that information to craft your pitch to every new selling situation. Any sales pitch that addresses your audience’s pain points is going to be more successful than a re-run of the schpiel that worked for the last client.

We know these tips are not anything seasoned sales professionals don’t already know. But even experienced sales people may need help to apply these tips to changing markets. SFI can help. Our sales consultants provide the services—management coaching, sales team evaluation and training, sales process development—your company needs to boost internal, external, B2B and B2C sales and expand into new markets.

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