It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How Your Selling

September 1, 2023
2 minutes to read
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When we think about the golden rule we can relate it back to sales. Clients want to do business with someone who cares about them, and who treats them just as they would want to be treated. In sales, you must have your clients and customers’ best interests at heart. A client does not want to do business with someone who doesn’t care about them. This leads to you being authentic in your sales. Learning to be an authentic sales professional means you must learn how to be open-minded and listen to your customers. Here are a few reasons why staying true to yourself can be the key to selling.

You Don’t Have to Remember a Script

 You don’t have to be the best speaker and you don’t need all the answers. However, you should stay true to your values and have your personality in your sales message. While a bullet-point version of a call script can be useful to keep on hand, a fully developed script may lead the agents to simply read it rather than fill in any additional information on their own. From the customer’s perspective, an agent reading directly from a script comes across as unknowledgeable and, therefore, unable to assist them with their question.

Your Customers Can Feel When You Are Genuine

When sales representatives are genuine and passionate in their sales, it is apparent in your sales pitch. The more passionate you are, the more genuine the sales conversations will go. Now looking forward, do you have your client’s best interests in your heart or self-interest? Are you selling from the heart?

You Can Have Fun

 Each customer has unique wants, needs, and goals. By customizing your script, you can relate and change your conversations to connect with each client. Having fun does not mean being less professional but maintaining a more relaxed approach can separate you from your competitors.

Conversations Make Conversions

 The game of sales begins when you connect quickly with people who are interested in your products. Conversions are important. There’s no way around that fact of business. They indicate the success of a company’s overall efforts and contribute to higher sales. But to gain the conversions ideal for your company, it’s more important to look beyond metrics and engage with customers through multi-channel conversations to receive feedback and support the lead nurturing process


It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell. Selling from the heart is about skill set, mindset, and heart set. You must bring heart, sincerity, and integrity, stay genuine, be real, and stay true to who you are. Being creative and passionate in your sales pitch will result in a relationship with your client. This could lead to more client referrals and more sales.