Uncategorized - 17th Jan 2019

Many new businesses need cash infusions to break into the market and start being competitive. Those cash infusions may be from investors, loans and organic sales. Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) can help you develop a comprehensive sales plan that will help you secure the funding sources you need to launch your startup.


Whether you are approaching prospective investors or loan officers, they want to see that your startup has the potential to make a return on their investment. Part of what they will expect to see is a detailed, executable sales plan.

SFI’s sales experts provide the consultation you need to:

  • Develop a sales plan that outlines:
    • Your differentiation from your competitors
    • Your target audience
    • Your short- and long-term geographic reach
    • Strategies suited to your industry, product/service and target market
    • Your goals/projected sales performance
  • Create a budget to develop and maintain the sales team it will take to reach your goals

Many of our sales consultants have been in the same position as you—asking for capital to fund a sales initiative. We know from personal experience, case studies and research what will help compel your funders to invest in your startup.


SFI’s sales consultants can help you develop a sales plan that will impress your potential funders. However, startup founders need to be aware that securing the capital and executing a comprehensive sales plan will not result in an immediate profit. The process required to get your sales team performing at their top potential involves recruiting, training and a natural lag before sales are completed and revenue rolls in.

Startup founders should be prepared to invest time, effort and money into their sales team and strategies for at least six months before they break even.

SFI’s consultants help you understand what to expect when developing your sales team so that the plan you present to your prospective funders reflects realistic expectations for a return on their investment.

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