Leading Sales Outsourcing Company Rolls Out Recruiting Initiative to Ensure Brand Protection to Their Clients

May 23, 2023
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According to USA Today, The U.S. economy in 2018 may finally unload some of the baggage that has slowed it down since the Great Recession ended in 2009. Economists say the recovery is already beginning to expand to more industries and sweep up more of the Americans left on the sidelines over the past 8 ½ years. Those trends will likely gather force this year; the economists predict business investment will grow 4.7%, a touch higher than in 2017, though Vitner and Swonk say it easily could top 6%.

With the economy getting stronger, businesses are evaluating what they need to do to take advantage of the growth and are turning to outside companies for the solution. Sales Focus Inc. has been the leading provider in the US of Sales Outsourcing, Consulting, and Recruiting for the past 20 years and continues to be the premier provider of Intelligent Sales Solutions.

Founded in 1998, Sales Focus Inc. (SFI) pioneered the sales outsourcing industry by deploying dedicated outsourced sales teams across the US, which are recruited, trained, and managed to meet each client’s revenue goals. For 20 years, Sales Focus has been developing innovative sales solutions for companies of every size, from Fortune 500 to early-stage companies. Their commitment to their client is focused on immediate revenue generation, brand protection, sales intelligence, and a reduced cost of sales. The new Recruiting initiative has reinforced our clients’ commitment to Brand Protection. Since the start of this industry. many sales outsourcing companies have opened their doors, and Tony Horwath, the President/ CEO, has been asked repeatedly what makes his company stand out!

“Clients want to ensure that their brand is protected, and Sales Focus ensures this is a priority. I can reassure my clients that through our extensive recruiting, hiring, and training process, our recruiting team uses skill-based profiling to find the right candidate. I always tell my clients that I want our salespeople to feel as comfortable at our Christmas party as they would at yours”.

Although highly qualified sales reps are hired, trained, and managed by the Sales Focus management team, when they are out on the street, they are 100% representing the client, making the recruiting process that much more important. Sales Focus’s recruiting team has an extensive database of qualified candidates with experience in every industry. After the recruiting team pre-qualifies each candidate, they go through several phone and Skype screens and an assessment test before being invited to an in-person interview. SFI focuses on delivering clients top-tier talent with the specialized skills and experience to drive sales and make the program successful for all parties. They are so confident in their recruiting and training process that they guarantee every candidate they present fits the clients’ unique selling environment.

“Sales Focus represented our company for over 6 years, writing well over 5,000 contracts and not once did we have a situation of unprofessional sales behavior. We were very impressed with the quality of each sales representative and the training that they received prior to going out into the field. Initially, we were concerned about protecting our brand and having a qualified sales team representing our company but we were quickly reassured when our revenue started to soar”. EVP, Energy Industry.

“When looking for a company to outsource our inside sales team our top concern was that we wanted a US based team. Most of the companies we talked to hired their inside sales reps off shore. We have found that there is little or no control over day to day activities and sales ethics. We were impressed that Sales Focus’s inside sales office was based in their US headquarters with a management team on site. All of the candidates they hired to represent our company had a minimum 2-5 years of experience and were aligned with our core sales goals and expectations”. CEO, IT Services Organization.

Once the candidate makes it through the initial screening, they are interviewed by the recruiting team and the sales management team. Frequently the clients are involved in the final selection. Before an offer letter, each candidate undergoes an extensive background check and drug testing. Once the hiring is complete, the new employee moves right into the initial training process.

“All sales agents go through our extensive sales training, which includes input from our clients. The SFI Skills Training program includes, understanding the SFI Sales Culture, Sales Skills Training, Assessment Tests and hour of Role Playing. Sales Agents are not put in the field until they are prepared to represent our clients with the appropriate sales and product knowledge along with a high regard for sales ethics and professionalism”, states CJ Minick, Director of HR.

Although we are a fortune 500 company we struggled to build a SMB sales team across the US. Sales Focus was able to build a successful team of 40 sales agents across the US within 45 days. After three years the team was so successful that we were able to hire them internally”. Senior Executive, Fortune 500 Company, Manufacturing

Whether your company is small or large, inside sales or outside, feet on the street sales, Sales Focus’s team can recruit a dedicated sales team and develop an innovative sales solution for your company.